The Good, The Positive and the Abundant!

Okay, so one of my models and I are out walking some of the shows at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and one thing we hear over and over is "The Economy". From vendors selling, to shop owners, to designers and manufacturers, to all the buyers and shoppers - everyone's got those words coming off their lips. Yes, we all know about "The Economy",...don't we?!

However, here's where we're going to stay focused on the good, the positive and the abundant (that's a switch from the latest on the news, isn't it?!). To quote Mike Dooley, " Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones!"

In this "economy" (the word that should only be whispered!) one thing you can focus on to bring about positive change to your business is "What can I do that will help this situation and bring about the results I want".

Here's some things to think about whether your business is jewelry design, manufacturing, retail sales, etc. so you can have the good, the posititve and the all abundance you deserve. I mean, we're ALL looking for a very prosperous 2009 and beyond, right?!

Remain focused on your goals. Remaining focused will point you in the right direction, helping you maintain and grow your business through this "economy" so you can see those goals become reality.

This is a fantastic time to build relationships. Be sure to ask yourself, "How can I help my vendors?" Just one of the many ways you can help is to communicate what you see in the 'field'. Let them know what your clients are looking for; what trends you see from your clients (not just what the fashion mags/companies tell you - they've already heard those, too!) and then ask your vendors how, other than spending more money on their products, YOU can help THEM. Their answers might surprise you.

The answers we received were VERY different than what we expected - and we'll share some of these answers in another entry at a later time....remember, I promised to not ramble too much!

Try "New Thinking" (instead of 'stinkin' thinkin') and look into the social networking that everyone is telling you about and doing themselves (i.e. - blog spot, myspace, facebook, linkedin, virb, etc. - the list IS virtually endless!)

Cross Reference - think on how you can link your connections up with each other or how maybe someone they know, or have a relationship with, could be beneficial to you or those in your business circle.

Our "ecomony" (I whispered, honest!) will thrive again and, like everything else, we should work now to be prepared so when it does happen we aren't left with words like "Should have", Wanted to, but", etc. coming off our lips. (ooohhh, those will sting!)

So, relationships, network (which is truly just relationship building, not "how can I use you to make another sale"), ask questions of "How can I help you?", advise on how others can help you or your business should they get the opportunity, and try new thinking and ways of doing things to grow your business . And then there's the oldie but goodie "Attitude is everything!

Yes, it really is!!

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