Our Oscar "Best Dressed" Picks!

Here's our picks for "Best Dressed" at the Oscars!

Marisa Tormei - Wow!

Natalie Portman - Beautiful!

Kate Winslet - Stunning!

Jennifer Aniston - Very Classy!

Anne Hathaway - The Epitome of Old Hollywood Glam!

The not so good - well, we're not going to go too deep here because even though their acting is incredible and their charitable causes noble, some peoples tattooed bodies stood out more than their little black dresses and others, well, their choice of dresses looked more like 'black and gold wall paper in a hotel', wedding cake toppings, big-bowed bridesmaid "mistake" dresses and drab curtains than Oscar worthy gowns,....so we'll just stop right there.
And, although we were happy to see some people with great jewelry choices - Penelope Cruz, Amy Adams, and all of our above mentioned 'Best Dressed" of course, we'd LOVE to see more pearls than diamonds any day!!

Who impressed you the most on Oscar night? Do tell! Who should fire their stylist,...or maybe get one!!??

Until next time,
Peace, Love and Pearls,

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