This ROCKS!!!

Just wanted to share with you and email I received over the weekend from Janet over at the Carlos Santana House in Los Angeles who's involved with the Prom Project that we donate our designs to each year:


I saw your beautiful earrings at the Santana House Prom Event today. You are so amazing, not only with your creative designs, but with you generosity. You made some young girls very, very happy.

Thanks again,
Janet G. "

Does that ROCK or what?? What a fabulous compliment and what an amazing feeling to know we've helped out a bit with completing a young girl's prom wardrobe, making her feel a bit extra 'special'!

Thanks to everyone at the Santana Youth Action Center for allowing us to participate and for giving us great feed back!!

We're looking forward to next year!

Until next time,
Peace, Love and Pearls!!


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