Confused between Summer and Fall !

Okay - I've been up here in the mountains at my sis's cabin (the neighbor's actually - house sitting their house and doggies) in Nutrioso, Arizona for several weeks and have been loving the pine and aspen trees, cool breezes, 4th of July parade and fireworks, cookouts, late night 'barn games' the kids play and even the occasional spotting of the bear, wolf and mountain lion; it's the perfect back drop for fall (fall inspired designs, that is!). However, my brain seems to be thinking (feeling) that I'm "missing out on summer"! Is that strange - or what?!!

My subconscious is somehow longing for 'summer'. True summer. You know,...pool parties, picnics in the park, the smell of coppertone, fresh seafood, sunsets that don't come until after 8:00p.m., red ripe tomatoes from Illinois (the best!!), the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, warm sunlit days ('m getting those), baseball (I'm really not into baseball - unless the Diamond Backs are playing!) and all that summer stuff.

Even though I've barely used up half my spring/summer bead stash from the Tucson Gem and Mineral show this past February, my brain keeps going to those lovely faceted transluscent gemstones in light blues, pinks, misty greens, pale yellows and bright oranges! Maybe it's because I'm used to 115F degree temps in the summer, or going to the beach instead of the mountains, but, none-the-less, as a designer - it's time to get the "Fall Line" up and out!!
Fall is what I need to concetrate on becuase that's what designers's do in the spring and summer - they design for fall and winter,...and by the fall/winter (or before) they start designing for the spring and summer...I feel like a baby who has it's days and nights mixed up! LOL!!

But, even though I'm a bit 'confused' right now - I'm loving every minute of the cool summer breezes in the mountains, the clouds, the occasional rain and thunder, the friends and family I am getting to spend time with, and the cute, old-fashioned, little towns that are up here - it reminds me of home (you know, my home town of "Mayberry" as I refer to it!). And, I always loved my hometown best in the summer. Maybe that's why I'm thinking of summer gemstones and colors instead of fall ones.
Although,...fall was beautiful there too - with it's golden yellows, burnt oranges and soft reds with flecks of olive greens and light browns....ooh....I can see fall now!!
Maybe I just needed to visualize! And write,......

Okay - Until next time,
Peace, love and fall colored pearls!!
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