Pearls, Pearls, and More Pearls!

I love Pearls (surprise, surprise!) and since June's birthstone is the pearl, I'm taking the opportunity this month to really talk about them.

There's this cool quote (Author Unknown) that I decided was befitting for my blog about Pearls and Queens. It goes like this: "The Pearl is the Queen of Gems and the Gem of Queens!" (LOVE IT!!) 

How many of you feel like a queen (or at least a princess) when you wear pearls?  Not just your average strand of pearly whites, either. I'm talking fun, colorful, hip, trendy, fashion-forward pearls, too!  I feel absolutely heavenly when I wear pearls. Fresh, sexy, alluring - yep, that's how pearls make me feel!

Here's some tips on wearing your pearls this month (and every month!):

Can you “knot” part with your favorite strand of pearls – but want something different? Have them re-strung, tin-cup style and knotted, along with a few of your favorite colored gems and crystals into a very versatile and workable lariat necklace. Your possibilities are almost endless with what you can do with this strand now!

Let me know what types of pearls you like and how they make you feel. And, if you've got any questions about your pearls, shoot 'em over to me and I'll post them here on my blog!

So, until next time,...
Peace, Love and Pearls, Baby!!

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  1. Pearls are pretty cool. When I think about all that I can design with them, I get really excited!


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