Day 1 On Our Big Adventure!! (Big Bug, Big Bug!!)

"Big Bug! Big Bug!!  Ooohhh,....really big bug, someone help,...Logan???"  So, this is what my hubby (Mike) and our son (Logan) woke up to me saying on DAY 1 of our Big Adventure!

We take off today for our BIG ADVENTURE - our 4K mile trek through AZ, NM, TX, LA, MS, AR, KS, NE, SD and then who knows where, to see family and friends, go to Mike's class reunion in Nebraska and see as many wonderful sites as we can along the way. We're trusting our little old R.V. to safely take us to some fun places - wish us luck!

I woke up this morning and was working from inside our RV (1988 Coachmen with not even 48K miles on it yet!!) on my computer and all of a sudden this BIG BUG comes plopping down beside me!  It was a strange looking bug,...but after assessing the situation (i.e. - whisper screaming to the son and hubby!) and seeing it was harmless and then trying to save him, he found his way down into the little storage space underneath where I sleep (great!!) and he's alive and well to my knowledge!  The hubby and son told me, after I gave them a detailed description, that it was a 'bark bug' and nothing to worry about.  "Good, cause I'm not made of bark nor do I look like a tree!" was my response. 

So, bark bug and all we are leaving behind the "Famous Tree House" this morning and taking off from my sis and bro-in-law's cabin (well from their driveway at least!) in Nutrioso, AZ and going to Roswell, NM  (aprox. 331 miles) today to meet up with some Aliens! LOL!

We'll be making daily posts (internet willing) here on our blog so please join us on our summer adventure and see where all we travel  to and what adventures we have! And, be sure to share your favorite vacation adventure memories with us, too!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love, Big Bugs and BIG ADVENTURES!!

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  1. Have a wonderful trip, stay safe (from bugs and aliens) and we look forward to your posts from the road.


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