Fall Jewelry Is Fun!

I love Autumn! I have fond memories of the Fall,...leaves falling, hay rides, brisk morning walks to school, (I lived in Illinois then!) football games, the annual fall festival in my little home town and the excitement that built up as I waited for Halloween to arrive was almost as magical as Christmas time. 

I think these are some of the reasons I love creating Fall jewelry so much.  It's always fun for me to create jewelry that can be worn with this season's styles.  All around me there are signs of Autumn, too - setting up the inspiration for fun creations! 

There's tons of Halloween decorations up in every store you can imagine already (those were up before Labor Day actually!) and everyone's got their shop displays decorated with colorful leaves, apples and acorns and commercials show fall scenes of kids jumping in piles of raked up leaves.  All the candles out now are smelling of mulled cider, spicy cinnamon and apples, and woodsy sents fill the air when you walk into any establishment.  All this truly sets the mood for Fall despite the high temperatures that are still looming here in central AZ right now (highs of 107 this week with nightly low's dipping to about 79!).

So, here's a taste of some fall jewelry I designed that was inspired by the season upon us and all the wonderful and delightful treats that it holds!!

This is my Autumn Goddess Necklace and Earrings Set - lovely isn't she? I think so!

And, yes, she's already spoken for. A friend kept coming to mind while creating this and I've already set it aside for her - she gets to see it in person on Monday!!

Okay - quit drooling!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Happy Autumn!!

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