Medusa's Earrings - Week 4 - Year of Jewelry 2011

Medusa called!  She wants her earrings back!!

Okay, so she really didn't call, and I didn't really swipe her earrings or anything. I just created earrings that she would probably have called me to special order,...ya think?!

The Theme for Week 4 of Year of Jewelry Project 2011 (One Project, Once a Week, For a Year!!) was "Wild and Wicked" - that should have been easy, right?  But, alas, just like every other week, so many things came to mind,...biker chic earrings, rock and roll earrings, spikey/hammered stoner earrings,.....yep, I had visions of all sorts of designs (especially earrings) dancing through my head as I slept last night,.....but this is what came out of my hands today as I created.

24g and 18g copper wire was formed, forged, hammered,....and hammered again and again, wire wrapped and then oxidized with LOS and polished up a bit before laying them out to photograph. 

You can take my word for it when I tell you that the photos look wwwwaaaaayyyyy better than the earrings look in person. I mean seriously peeps, the husband even uttered the dreaded words "kinda artsy-crafty" !!! (insert shudder motion here!) 

But yes, they are rather 'artsy' and I was very 'crafty' with how I 'chaos' wire wrapped portions and did some portions very neatly and how I used anti-tarnish copper and raw copper so when I dipped them in LOS only parts of them would turn colors....and the green little peridot gemstones?  Cute touch, don't you think?  Those, dear children, are the color of Medusa's Eyes!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Wild and Wicked Earrings (or any jewelry for that matter!!)

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  1. I love the jewelry. It's very fun and playful. Beautiful work.


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