Inside the Studio

Okay - so I've been letting things go lately and haven't kept up my nice, neat, clean and very organized studio the way I used to.

I saw Lorelei's blog post last wednesday of her work bench along with Erin Siegel's pics she posted of her new studio space and how that's coming along and they both prompted me to "take inventory", if you will.

I completely understand what Lorelei wrote about feeling "discombobulated" when things get a bit out of control and spread out all over the place.  And, I'd love my studio space to resemble that of Erin's - it's gorgeous and so clean and neat - I love it!  (It's along the lines of what I aspire to have in the near future!)

With just  two bedrooms and a den (Mike's Man Cave!) I am 'sharing' some space now, so to speak, and nothing can "live" out in the open.  Everything (and I mean everything), has to be put away each time I'm done working for the day, or even 'pausing' for awhile as I do my daily duties of helping my husband run our family company.  (Otherwise I cannot reach my computer in order to work!)

Lately, I am feeling the need to 'spread out' and take over a room - a room that I don't have (yet!).  But, I wanted to share the views from "Inside My Studio" with you because I feel that if I "put it out there" then I'll be motivated to straighten it up again and organize things back to a more manageable level.

PLUS, although my space is limited and everything has to 'hide' right now, I'm super blessed to have an amazing view from my 'studio' window! (Which is super inspirational, by the way!)

I can hear the fountain running in our backyard, hear the birds singing, see the beautiful roses in our rose garden blooming, smell the lovely blooms of the grapefruit trees and see the lake, the palm trees, the green grasss - oh,'s so wonderful! It definitely makes the 'space' issue completely fine! (for now!)

So, here's a glimpse around,....and heres wishing that everyone's "Dream Studio" comes true! 

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Counting My Blessings!


  1. aw thanks for the mention! i'd be moving my studio out to that patio if i were you!! love it!

  2. Absolutely lovely, Michelle! Gorgeous, dreamy view and an inspiring atmosphere. No wonder you create such incredible jewels there. :) Thank you for sharing!

  3. I do at times - except it a bit windy today!

  4. You're Welcome Rena! And thanks for the compliment on the jewels! :)

  5. Thank you, Shelly! Wow! What an amazing view! Your yard is spectacular! That's a BIG perk to your space. My view isn't great, but I do love my studio. I'm blessed to have it and believe me I appreciate it so much because I didn't have ANY space before we moved to this new house. Love that basket of fibers, there too. Yum! I so glad you found my bead studio inspirational! You made my day, so thank you! As soon as I progress it further, I will share more.

  6. Erin,
    You're very welcome - your studio is awesome! And thanks for the compliments on my yard - I'm very luck to have the view I do, and I'm so appreciative of it, too! :)

  7. I do need to clean up and re-organize both my bead and tool storage cabinets, but the fibers - they're likely to remain just as they are in my little vintage sewing box/stool. I just love running my hands through them,...they feel so great!


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