A Few More,...

As I mentioned, I've got a few more things I've been working on and now have pics of:

Multi-Strand Beaded Waxed Linen Bracelets

Unisex Leather "Sliders"
Beaded Skull Arm Wear
My elbow feels almost back to normal (thank goodness!) since I haven't been hammering, forging or bending wire lately.  This "Time Out" has forced me to open my creative mind and try some new techniques. I've been having a ball creating so many different styles and designs lately. When I get back in to the studio in August I should be pretty well stocked with a wide range of items!
"Surf's Up"
Ladies Leather "Slider" Bracelets
I've been playing around with some cool skull beads my sister and I picked up in Tucson at the Gem Show in February - pretty wild, huh?    He's got personality - that's for sure!

"Space Alien" Skull Key Chain

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Variety Baby!!



  1. I'm very intrigued with your linen bracelets! I just did a 3-strand necklace with some braided waxed linen, nice to work with and I hear (from MissFickle) that it wears very well. I didn't know about your elbow, but that can be tricky, so I'm glad to hear it's improving. The body just doesn't like repetitive motions! Take Care!

  2. I've done various ones with the waxed linen and some with the waxed and natural cotton and both seem to hold up well,..unless of course you're prone to regularly bathe and swim in them! LOL!!


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