Summer Time Fun!

This is shaping up as a summer of many “Firsts” and a few “Done that Before” scenarios!

List of 1st’s:
  • Evacuated from a forest fire (Wallow Fire - Largest Wild Fire in Arizona’s History)
  • Had our son, who’s a bit under-age, drive more than 15 miles on a state highway (due to being evacuated from the Wallow Fire)
  • Drove a truck w/dogs in the cab (I’m more of a cat person!)
  • Taught someone to macrame (after just being taught by my sister!)
  • Tried deep-fried Twinkies (They sucked! The deep-fried peaches were better!)
  • Filled Sandbags to help with flooding from the Wallow Fire in Eastern, AZ

  • Bought penis shaped tequila bottles with my two of my sister-in-laws
  • Slept in the RV all by myself
  • Found an awesome stash of cool vintage beads and buttons in a really neato Antique Store in Kansas while in the middle of a massive down-pour!
  • Met Nic, Logan’s “Twin Brother From Another Mother” who live in Germany
  • Taught my sister-in-law to make beaded wrap bracelets
  • Spent the 4th of July in Kansas
  • Missed the 4th of July parade and fireworks in Nutrioso
  • Took a lesson from my sister on how to tile/grout a shower

List of “Done that Before”:
  • Drove through Oklahoma and Texas on the way to Kansas (and would prefer those two states be taken out of the drive all together – they’re the worst!!)
  • Visited Mike’s sis and Bro-in-Law in Kansas and had a ball!!
  • Hung out w/my sis eating popcorn while watching movies and past episodes of Glee
  • Drove between the Hindman/Drachman cabins a million times!
  • Had a glass of wine with Mary on the cabin porch
  • Walked the path to the tree house a ton of times

  • Slept in the RV with the hubby and son
  • Packed way too much for all of my trips
  • Beaded on the cabin porch
  • Celebrated Logan’s birthday in the mountains
  • Sat quietly on the cabin porch and enjoyed the birdies and the wind in the pines

Hope your summer is shaping up to be one of your best ever!

Drop me a line and tell me what some of your “First's” and “Done That’s” are this summer!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Interesting Summer Fun!!

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