I Heart Macro - It's Sunday!!

I snapped this pic of our son while driving to Kansas this summer for a Family Reunion - he wasn't into getting his picture taken (ya think?!). Teenagers - can't live with 'em, understand 'em, or reason with them, but you gotta love them (and their smelly socks!) especially when they're your own! And I do,....even w/the IPod thingy in his face, I can still see his gorgeous 'eye' and tousled hair,...cuteness all around!

click to see his 'teeth'
See, he is smiling!!
However, I did find a very willing participant in the photo department once we got to my sister-in-law's house.

Her yard was buzzing with the cutest dragonfly and he was such a great sport about letting me snap some shots of him up close - I mean really UP CLOSE! He even smiled - can you see his "teeth"?
Look at those gorgeous wings!

Well, I'm telling myself those are teeth and that he was smiling for the camera!! Yep, the hubby's family probably thought I was on drugs as I was intent on getting this little guy to pose for the camera - he seemed to love the attention!

Look at that cute face! And those wings,....he (she?) was amazing!!

"Smile for the Camera"
Fly on over and check out I Heart Macro at Studio Waterstone and all the cool MACRO pics. After all, it's Macro Sunday folks,...time to sit back and look at the world up close and reflect on life just a bit,...before those pesky teenagers get up and want to eat you out of house and home!!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Smiling Dragonflies!!

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  1. stunning shots of the dragonfly.....

  2. We have a herd of these in our back yard - I'm not sure what they are attracted to but they are VERY friendly!Great shots!

  3. You are so lucky to capture photos of him! I love these pics, espeically seeing all the details on his wings!

  4. He's so cute!!
    The dragonflies have been all over the place down here, but never where I can get a picture of them. I usually spot tons of them as I'm driving down the road. Ah well, I can simply enjoy yours!! ;)

  5. How, these are great shots! I love the details in the wings.

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Thanks folks - I think he was having as much fun posing as I was taking his pic! :)

  7. Awesome~! And so lucky - whenever I try to sneak up with my camera on bugs, they flee immediately.

  8. Smiling dragonfly, I so love it! What a great post, and even more awesome dragonfly :)

  9. I love the dragonflies too! So nice of it to pose for you. Great shots.

  10. Haha! My kids do the same thing. Love the dragonfly pics, too.

  11. Thanks everyone! did you see the 'smile' on the dragonfly's face,.....wish my son would do that for the camera! :)


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