Lovin' the Sounds!

I was reading MissFickleMedia's Blog this morning and was in awe as she showed all the hammering and forging she had just finished.  My elbow now aches in sympathy for her!

If you're a fellow jewelry designer or craft person, you really gotta go check out her shop and all the goodies she has stocked - oh my!! Seriously,....she's got amazingly cool findings!!

She asked the question of "What do you use to get through tedious, difficult tasks?" and it made me wish I could be creating today and listening to Jesse Cook - which is what I do almost every time I'm doing any sort of creating at all - tedious and difficult or not.

If you've never listened to his music, you're in for a real treat. The infusion of Rumba and mixing of cultures into his music creates the most amazing sounds ever - not to mention it's just fun to 'tap, tap, tap' your hammer to!! 

Logan with Jesse Cook
In Wickenburg, Arizona
a few years back
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Great Music, Baby!!


  1. Oh! Thank you so much for the mention and for the music suggestion! I am so happy to hear Jesse's music, it uplifted my heart.

    I love your jewelry, it's beautiful.

  2. You're welcome and thank you for the compliments! :)


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