This and That Today

Okay – remember these?  My hubby made this quite a few years back for me (and a ton more, too!!).  I think I’ll take it for a spin Thursday when I meet up w/my friend to deliver her bracelets and go to lunch!

These are so fun and such conversation pieces – wish he still made them.  I love the ‘artsy’ touches the really nice cigar boxes have! He made one for my friend Kathy that has coffee beans in it that you can see (and switch out, too, so the smell stays fresh) through this glass plate kind of thing – it was way cool!

Then, as I was putting everything back from our summer trip and getting the studio back to normal yesterday, I came across this picture of when I dumped one of the desk drawers all over the floor while trying to “re-organize” a few months ago.  Kind of like when you open your cigar box purse too fast – yep, don’t want that to happen while I’m out and about this week!  Phones and electro-gadgets are too expensive to just toss around these days, aren’t they?!

I’m excited to get some pics snapped today of the stash of beads I’m sending to my bead soup partner – Melissa with ‘Behind The Smile”.  I’ll try to post some ‘sneaky’ pics tomorrow.

Today I’m trying to get things ready and back up in my jewelry findings shop on Etsy.  I’ve had tons of requests for earring wires and clasps and things – so I am hammering away today and tomorrow and snapping pics like mad of the new things.  Not sure how the elbow will hold up – hopefully okay!!  It’s been a good summer of resting it – but it still hurts to pick up a cup of coffee! I was able to shovel sand into sand bags a month ago, yet I couldn’t tie the little suckers – it hurt my elbow like the devil to pull those strings – strange is what it is.  Go figure!

Anyhoo – I’ll let you know when things are back up and running over on Shel’s Jewelry Supplies. I’ll only be adding listings once a month this year and once things are gone, they’re gone until the next month (elbow thingy!!) and so I’ll try to make as much as I can so folks can stock up. 

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Tap, Tap, Tap,…

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