This or That Thursday!

Okay - so I'm playing along with "This or That Thursday" over on Deb Duty's Blog.

Her photograophy is amazing!!  (to say the least!)

My pic for the first This or That Thursday is, guessed it:  The Ocean!

San Onofre Beach - Camp Pendleton, California

Sorry, I just can't get enough and I have so many pictures I've taken that inspire me and just plain 'ol call me - I mean, who wouldn't want to be sitting here, right now,
looking at this view? 

San Clemente State Beach Park - California

I can just hear the waves crashing on the beach, smell the salty air and feel the warmth of the sun as it sets. 
t's my litte slice of heaven!

So, get an eye full of great pics and head on over after work to "This and That Thursday" and sit back, relax and be inspired, feel loved, be touched, in awe, or just plain entertained!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Beautiful Pictures of Life!



  1. These are beautiful. I love the one with the ocean peeking through the rocks. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos with this or that thursday!

  2. Just beautiful!! Love your jewerly too.

  3. You're welcome Deb - thanks for having it - it's gonna be fun!

  4. What a beautiful post Shel, both your words and photos are delightful.
    "Peace, Love and beautiful Pictures of Life" - love that!

  5. Love the two rocks -- the lines of the inner edges mimic each other perfectly. Mother Nature at its finest. Beautiful shot, Shel. :)

  6. Beautiful shots, and yes I would love to be sitting there. :)

  7. That is probably the best ocean/sea picture I have ever seen.The colours, the way it directs your eye and then allows it to travel around.
    I just enlarged it to its fullest extent and had a paddle while I was there :-)

  8. Hannah - thanks for the wonderful compliment! I always look for gorgeous pics of the ocean to have as my screen saver - and then I just started taking them, so feel free to grab this one if you feel so inclined!!

  9. How I love to be by the water at this time..Beautiful shots!


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