Very Vintage Fall Challenge!

Very Vintage Fall Challenge Designs Kits
by Michelle Mach

Excitement!  Sometimes, getting me (Shel) out of her "shell" is not easy - just ask my friends or my hubby!

So, when I came across the Very Vintage Fall Challenge over on Michelle Mach's blog I almost passed up the opportunity to stretch my potential - I'm so glad I didn't!

I saw all the lovely beads and findings she had in her kits for the Fall Challenge and fell in love with them!  I love all things to do with fall,...the colors, the fabulous jewelry, the sports, the holidays, the sights, sounds and smells - you name it!  Halloween's my favorite holiday too, by the way. I mean what's not to love, right?!

Anyhoo,...what I'm not so good at is creating 'vintage inspired' jewelry since most of my designs are pretty classic and simply in style. Not that this challenge is only about vintage goodies, oh no, you can design anything you want, but these pieces just scream Vintage (Vintaj!!) and it's a design style I admire and love to drool over!  I haven't worked with too many of the very cool 'Vintaj' products, but have a few pieces on hand because I just thought they were fun, and the items I have all seem to revolve around Fall - go figure!

It's very good to step out of your 'design box' and try new things because just like I've always told my son about trying new foods, "Ya never know when you're gonna find your favorite!" so I'm excited to give this a shot and see what I can produce and hope that it will resemble some sort of  Vintage/Vintaj piece that is appealing and fun to wear!

The reveal date is October 4th and I'll give you a "Heads Up" when it's time to hop on over to all the participant's blogs and check out their fabulous designs - there's some amazing talent in this challenge, let me tell you!

So, Until Next Time, 
Peace, Love and all things Vintaj!

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