I Heart Macro - It's Sunday!!

Sunday - Up Close! 

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Macro Shots!

I keep trying to post my pics for I Heart Macro over at Studio Waterstone,
but keep getting this error message:

An error occurred trying to retrieve images from that page.
Please try again. Be sure your address is exactly correct.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some blog sites block any attempt to read the code from a page.

If you continue to see this note, try another blog address OR download your image to your local computer, and use FROM FILE to upload your image.

If anyone knows what I've done to my blog that won't allow me to post to the linky tools things on Studiowaterstone - please let me know. Thanks!


  1. Beautiful shots, Shel. Wish I could tell you how to solve your problem! Have you tried doing it as they say in this red writing From File..to upload the image? Or maybe send a message to Lori? Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the comment Jenni. And yes, I did try to upload from file and strangely, even though I picked a photo from my photo's file, it still gave me the same weird message,....

  3. beautiful shots, I almost missed this but linked to you through Therese's blog....thank you for visiting mine...
    I get those messages from time to time, but I just keep trying....
    wish I could help...

  4. Beautiful images. I love how the bud is peeling itself away and revealing the flower underneath.

  5. You may have slightly overlapped the http:// bit in the address. Make sure there is only one http:// in that line. I've done it too :-)

  6. Fantastic macro, I like the color and shape of those flowers, pure delight.

  7. Honi-Soit -
    Thanks for the heads up - I was really hoping that's what it was too, but it's not that either.

  8. Both of those are great shots. I especially like the bud with the bit of color peeking out. Very cool.


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