Steel Shot Down the Drain!

Okay, so one day this week - we won't mention which day - I was tumbling several orders of earring wires. 

All was going well as I stopped the tumbler, removed the drum, took the lid off and started to carry it to the other side of the kitchen counter.

That's when things went down hill - quickly! 

I tripped on the rug in front of the sink, hit the sink with my arms and the barrel carrying all the steel shot went sliding out of my hands and,....yep, guessed it,...right into the flipping garbarge disposal!!


A 1/2 a pound of steel shot just escaped from the barrel and was clogging up my garbage disposal!

I mean SHOT!

Seriously - You gotta be kiddin' me!!! 

My son comes running as he hears my screams of distress

(The, "Holy SHIT!" comment brought him right in!).

So, as he sees that I've not burned holes through
my skin with any kind of acid
( I was just putting some ear wires through the whole liver-of-sulfur thing which he thinks is the most 'acid' type of thing I could ever do,...if he only knew!)
he comes around the sink to help. 

As he sees all the shot in the sink he stops and then says

"Hang on Mom, I'll be right back.
That stuff is magnetic, right?" 

At this point, I'm like, "I have no idea!" 
(shoot me now,...just shoot me now!)

My son returns with this rectangle magnet that's sooooo strong and which proceeds to lift so much of the steel shot out of the sink that I'm pretty sure we'll only need minor repairs if we ever want to use it again!

Fast forward a half hour or so,...
My son helped me get most of the shot out of sink with his miracle magnet and I wrangled all the little pieces I could manage with my fingernails and only about 20 or so little pieces still remained!
(20 or so pieces,...WTF?!!) 

And then, it's time to go to our Parent/Teacher conferences.
Yeah life really does go on,....

So, we call the hubby and give him the scoop and he says "Relax, I'll use the shop vac and get all those pieces out, not to worry!"
(I'm thinking,..."yeah right!")

However, we all meet up and then return from all the family stuff we had to do and guess what? 

Not a single little itty bitty piece of steel shot remains in the garbarge disposal!

All is perfect again in my kitchen! 
Woo Hoo!
Seriously,...WOO HOO!

And that's the end of another perfect day in Shel's World!!

***Sorry there's not pics, but my hands were a bit busy scraping steel shot and a few tomatoes out of the drain!***


  1. I hope in a little while you will be able to laugh at this...what a clever son you have! Glad it is now all out .
    I am sure you will never do this again! And at least you are o.k.

  2. Yea! for son, Yea! for hubby, Have a wonderful Sunday. Hope you are not hurting after your trip/slip.

  3. Oh, that is too funny! I had a very similar incident a few months ago. Mine wasn't steel shot, cause I don't have a tumbler, but it was like it. (Ball bearings). And my hubs had the same solution as your son. I was thrilled that I didn't lose my disposal!

  4. Hahaha!! Love this story. Those kiddos are little miracles, aren't they? lol

    My first thought was a shopvac. But his was 100% better.

  5. Shirley - I'm so glad we didn't have to have ours replaced or repaired either - what a relief, huh?! Glad to know I'm not the only one who's done something like this! :)

  6. That is one smart boy you have there. I don't know that I would have thought of a magnet. Then your hubs gets it all sucked up. You are a lucky lady!


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