This or That Thursday!

Treat yourself and gaze at the amazing photography
over on Deb Duty's Blog today for

You will be delighted!

I'm in awe of all the talent and the gorgeous photography - what absolute works of art they are!

I play along, even with my little point and click camera, just because I love to see everyone else's pics and because I would love to someday be that talented with a camera in my hand!

So, today, for "This or That Thursday"
I believe that the chili peppers need dusting
(along with probably everything else in my home!)
and that this little bracelet needs a name.

What should her name be?

Now, back to hammering metal for my
mega earring wire orders this week!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and This or That,
Odds and Ends,.....Bits and Pieces!



  1. The peppers look really cool in the photo. I always enjoy looking at creative people's photographs! Your new bracelet is so gorgeous!

  2. lovely shots you shared in this post and your blog is super awesome!

    my home needs dusting, too! lol!

  3. I'm not good at naming things but your bracelet is simply gorgeous!

  4. That is a beautiful bracelet! Good luck on names! The pepper shot is quite lovely!

  5. I think your photography is great! Just today I was wishing I used a point and shoot type of camera because mine is so heavy. I wanted to get a shot of me and my son, but I just couldn't hold my camera out far enough since it's so heavy! ;-)
    Your new bracelet is beautiful! Love the wirework. Is that brass wire?

  6. The bracelet is gorgeous!! I'm not sure of a name, but something pretty :)

  7. Thanks everyone, for the compliments on the bracelet - her name is going to be "Butterscotch" - sort of fits, don't you think?

    And Cindy - sorry you didn't get a pic of you and your son,....and yes, it's brass on the bracelet. I normally use 14K gold filled for this type of work, but my supplier can't even get the gold filled any more - says gold's too expensive for his manufacturer, so they've stopped making it for a while.

  8. Lovely bracelet not sure of a name.Shel's name fits (Butterscotch)

  9. Hi Shel. Always exciting to meet a new friend sharing the passion of beading jewels - yours are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for joining my site, really appreciate that.

    "Butterscoth" is a fitting name for that stunning bracelet indeed. "Kiwi Meringue" may also work for the shot of lime in there. Kind regards


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