This or That Thursday!

Thank goodness for 'auto-posting' so that I could participate today when I'm actually not here!

Rusted pipe from the cabin after the fire this summer

This is,...well, it's just RUST!

I love the texture of rust and it's fun to play with when photographing!


Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Texture Fun!


  1. Rust has such interesting color and texture.

    I know you can schedule when your post goes up, but how do you pre-link your blog to another!!!

  2. I agree. I love the texture too. Your photo is a great example. It's amazing how differently I look at old rusty pipes since I started this hobby of photography!

  3. Nadege,...I'm not sure you can. I had to wait until I could get access to a computer that had internet to do the actual link up part yesterday afternoon.


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