Blog Give-A-Way!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I'm only 7 peeps away from having
100 followers on my blog - Woo Hoo! 

Okay, I know,...I know,...there's folks who have thousands of followers, but I'm excited and very grateful for the
93 of you that I have!!

Once I hit 100 followers I'm going to be putting everyone's name in the pot and doing a Blog Give-A-Way as an appreciation gift to everyone who follows along in my quirkly little corner of the world.

There will be three winners in my Blog Give-A-Way.

The 1st item to be given away will be this 
Romantic Rose necklace and complimentary earring set
that I created for the Bead Soup Blog Party this fall that everyone gave me such nice compliments on.
(Thank you for the kind words, by the way!)

2nd Up will be my "Follow Your Dreams" Necklace with pewter charm, leather cord and one of my handcrafted sterling silver swirl clasps. 

I love this necklace because even with it's
simplistic style, it speaks volumes!

And 3rd on the Give-A-Way block with be my
"Butterscotch" beaded brass wire-wrapped bracelet which, with it's assortment of wire wrapped beads, is fun and funky!

Once I hit "100" I'll be doing the drawing and posting the results of the "100 Followers Give-A-Way" so check back often and see how things are going!

Also, this Monday, I wanted to tell you about a pretty big event that's happening online the 26th of November through the 3rd of December with Lori Anderson

She's such an innovative one, this lovely beady blogger, and she's come up with the First Annual Virtual Craft Show which she's hosting over on her blog, Pretty Things

You'll definitely want to check it out! 
Click on over to her blog now for the all the juicy details!

Also, don't forget, the Holiday Shop Hop 2011 will take place right here on my blog (and several other's blogs as well!) for two days the weekend of December 3rd and 4th as well. 

You'll be able to hop around to several shops and blogs and check out some wonderful handmade items and support the art community when you do your holiday shopping this year.

So, that's it for this Monday.  Here's to a creative week everyone!

Until Next Time,



  1. Congrats on 100 followers! (very soon...). Your jewelry is so beautiful. I would be proud to wear any of the giveaway selections. Thanks for being so generous and having a giveaway (I love giveaways, as you can tell from my blog posts)! :-)

  2. I already commented, but I had to add that I really LOVE that bracelet!

  3. Your jewelry's beautiful. I love your wire clasp. Very nice.


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