This or That,...and Some Other Stuff

I'm being reflective today and thinking back on my Thanksgiving Weekend in the Mountains with my family.

We took some walks and gazed at things around us.
We had a lovely Thanksgiving Day and the day after,
It snowed!

The Fireplace at Grandma Emma's - after the Wallow Fire this summer

Fireplace Stone work my Sister and Brother-in-Law did

Fireplace Handle after the Wallow Fire This Summer

Snowy Branch

The Treehouse my hubby built w/our son after his heart attack in 2007.
It was barely started in 2007 and 2 days after Thanksgiving that year
Mike had a massive heart attack. He said all he could think about while laying
in ICU was that he needed to finish the treehouse with Logan before he passed away.
He keeps adding on to it every chance we get to go up to the mountains.
It's kind of symbolic now I guess!
I love this place!
(as always, click on the photos to make them bigger!)
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Pausing,....

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  1. The outdoor fireplace looks amazing! You hubby has done such a fantastic job with the treehouse. It is so amazing how family plays such a powerful role in recovery. I love that he has been able to continue working on this!

  2. What a beautiful place! I wish I had been in the mountains for Thanksgiving. I love the treehouse. It's incredible!

  3. I really love the symbolism of the treehouse. Sometimes it's little things that give us the strength to go on. Blessings!

  4. That is the best tree house I have ever seen in my entire life. OH MY GOODNESS! Wow.

  5. I love the curves and design of that fireplace handle! Amazing where beauty can be found!


  6. Thanks everyone!! And yes, it's a pretty amazing treehouse - we keep asking the hubby when the hot tub and elevator are scheduled for installation!! LOL!! :)

    The fireplace at Grandma Emma's was all that was left of her cabin of over 50 years - and where my brother-in-law and sis were married 31years ago this week - after the wallow fire ran through this summer. Luckily my sis's cabin and all the other's in that immediate area were not harmed.

  7. I love the tree house and I love it even more after reading what happened. My son always talk about wanting a house like that but we are not good at DIY.

  8. Calling by to return your visit, thanks for your comment and leading me back to view your lovely photos.


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