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Today's the reveal day for the January edition of the

Jeannie, from Jeannie's Blog, is the creator of some really great pendants and beads and she's the mastermind behind 

Each month Jeannie graciously sends the particpants either
one of her Gin Blossom Pendants or a set of her
Peeled Paint Art Beads and we all create something with them and then blog about it on the 25th of each month. 

Gin Blossom Pendants By Jeannie

To see what all the participants created,
click on the links towards the bottom of this post!

My January piece is called "Spice It Up"

I hope you like it!!

I braided some recycled Sari Silk and red suede leather together and then wire wrapped some bright red flower beads and wire mesh beads (both from Michael's) and added Jeannie's cool black and silver Gin Blossom Pendant. I also stamped "Spice It Up" into an Vintaj Arte Metal blank and then bufffed most of the black off so that it mimicked Jeannie's Gin Blossom pendant just a bit and then added that to the mix here as well.

This is completely different from my usual style of jewelry (if you could even say that I have a style!) and was a nice change of pace for me. 

I loved mixing it  up a bit with this design!
I need to do that every now and then, or I get bored!!

A Special "Thanks!!" to Jeannie for providing us all with this great opportunity to try out her fun pendants (or beads)!

Please hop on over to the other particpants blogs and see their creations. Don't forget to chime in and give them some wonderful feedback - I know they'd appreciate it!

Courtney Breul 
Cindy Cima Edwards 
Beth Emery 
Kristen Stevens 
Jeannie K Dukic 

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and "Spice" Baby!


  1. Holy heart failure Batman! This is a stunning piece with lotsa texture and visual interest.

    It's eye popping and just makes me want to ask you, "where did you get that?"

    Thank you for creating such beauty,

  2. Wow I would have never added a pop of color like that but it totally works!
    Shannon C

  3. Michelle, LOVE the pop of color! Great design girly!!

  4. Holy yes! I am droolin! I happen to love love love orange and this is over the top stunning!!!!!!

  5. I love what you created! The sari ribbon is perfect! I bet it looks great on as well.

  6. Oh Shel - you really outdid yourself this time! I love your piece - the wire work, the colors, the stamping and the textures perfectly compliment Jeannie's Gin Blossom. Just beautiful!

  7. I love the use of the Sari silk and leather and altered blank! These colors look amazing together - great job!

  8. Love this creation! The vibrant red looks so great with the grey! Jeannie's blossoms are beautiful. I wish I had extra time to join the group. It sounds like a lot of fun!

  9. Thanks for the compliments everyone - this was indeed fun and Jeannie's pendants and beads are really fun to work with!

  10. This necklace is so very cool! It reminds me of those black and white photos or videos where only one or two elements are in beautiful, bright color. So visually stunning!


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