Suburban Girl Studio Design Team - Spring Reveal

Wow - this has been so much fun! 

Some of you might remember back here, when I mentioned that I was luckily selected as one of Diana's members for her Suburban Girl Studio Design Team?

Well, today's the reveal date for Spring 2012.

Here's the lovely items that Diana over at
Suburban Girl Studio so graciously sent me.

Beautiful, right?  The glass bead was made by fellow Design Team member and talented lampwork artist Jan over at Molten Mayhem and the Sunset Orange Porcelain Flower Pendant was made by Diana herself.

I can't tell you how many times I tried this and I tried that.  I put things together and pulled things apart. I tried Irish waxed linen with seed beads, but the ones I really wanted to use, which were the perfect color, were way too small and the cord wouldn't fit through them. Not to mention that the design did nothing to highlight either the pendant or the glass beads,, it was starting to look like I might not have a design that I was pleased with finished in time for the reveal.

But, last, it came together.  Here's the finished design. 

My son remarked this week that my design colors are usually "blacks, greys, blues, silvers and stuff like that". And he's right - so these colors were a real treat!  They're bright and cheery and definitely remind me of spring; especially with everything blooming and colors popping up everywhere here in the desert.

I love using recycled Sari Silk in my designs.
And then of course, true to my usual style,
(if you could even say that I have a specific style)
is the use of silver with the addition of the chain
and beaded dangles.

And, notice how I could wear this to a PHX Suns game and be loaded with yummy team spirit?
Yeah Baby!!

Please be sure to check out the other 
Design Team Members 
by clicking on  their names in the list below to see the amazing items they've created.

You'll be glad you did!!

Special thanks to Diana for so graciously setting up this Design Team and sharing her lovely art pendants and beads with us and to Jan this season for giving us all one of her lovely glass beads - you two are amazing!!

2012 Suburban Girl Studio Design Team

Diana Ptaszynski
Jenny Davies-Reazor
 Kristen Stevens
 Jan Onipenco
Marla James
 Sandra Basara Mille
 Michelle Buettner

Peace, Love and Design Team Spirit!


  1. Hi Shel - nice to meet you. (Jenny here)
    THe colors are so vibrant! Wow. The palette was out of my 'comfort zone as well, which was so much fun. I like the silk in back, so wearer friendly and comfortable. Wear it well!

  2. I love purple and orange. The sari ribbons are just perfect. Beautiful work.

  3. Beautiful!! What a great piece for those summer bright outfits!! Love the ribbon! :)

  4. OHHH purple and orange what a fun necklace you made! I love it!

  5. Love that you incorporated sari silk. I can't get enough of that stuff. I love the vibrant POP it gives to the necklace. It's also great to see you out of your usual comfort zone and design colors! Great necklace!!!

  6. I too love the color combo, I find myself being drawn to orange more and more. What you came up with is lovely just lovely!!! Looking forward to our next task . . .

    So far each persons design is so different I'm tickled by the imagination of each of us!!!

  7. Hi, Shel. It just amazed me how the same two beads could be transformed in to so many beautiful pieces by the talent of different artist. Yours is so very vibrant and fun. Loved seeing them all.

  8. My favorite of all the designs! Loving the burst of color :)

  9. Shel, Your necklace is beautiful. The purple silk ribbon really brings the the orange color out.

  10. Thanks everyone for such lovely compliments - they made my day!

    And Kashmira - wow, thank you sooooo much!! :)

  11. Shel those are amazing colors together! LOVE the rich colors of Indian saris


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