Someone's having a birthday this weekend.

Yep - it's the masked rider!

The Masked Rider doesn't like to be photographed!!

He doesn't like to be photographed and he doesn't like birthday cake either, so we're having birthday cheesecake instead. (I like cheesecake better, too!!)

Logan and Mike on Logan's 8th Birthday.
Boy that was ages ago!! ;-)

I so love this boy!  I mean, young man!

Here's to teenagers and their funny ways!

Teenager being himself!

Happy Birthday Son!

Having fun in Disneyland!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Celebrating!



  1. Happy Birthday to your 'young man' ! I have a teenager too ... any advice? And btw, cheesecake is much better than birthday cake! :D

  2. Oh man, I wish I had advice!! Ours just got a bigger motorbike cause he wants to start riding/racing in the Baja series (baja 500 and baja 1000!!) so it's kind of a scary thing as they get older, because so do their toys! And more dangerous, too!! Good thing he's a safety nut!! And yes, cheesecake is much better, isn't it?!! ;-)


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