I Call It,...??

My "Moonlit Owl" Bangle Trio

Remember back here, when I showed you the funky bangles I'd created after getting the fun Tribal Gypsy Bangle Tutorial from Fanciful Devices over on Etsy?

My version of "Tribal"

Well, I posted on Facebook how I was creating some with a sort of 'Goth' look and feel to them. I mentioned they were kind of "Dark Shadows meets the Adam's Family" and some people asked me to post them once they were finished and photographed - so here they are.

I still haven't used my Renaissance wax on the fiber portions yet to control all the 'fuzziness' and that's because,...well, I'm kinda likin' the soft fuzzy feeling and the way they look.  I also haven't taken any photos with my metal 'filler-bangles' put into the mix yet either.

I'm not quite sure what 'style' to call these or how to label them as I put some in my Etsy shop. Any suggestions?

These are completely different than the bangles in Fanciful's tutorial and they have my own 'signature' (if you can even call it that) style woven into them.

Not tribal and not really Gypsy, either.

They have a sort of 'Gothic' look and feel to them - or maybe that's just what I see.

I really like playing around with the darkened metals,...whether it be the annealed steel or my blackened silver and copper. 

It's just cool looking and I've always loved blackened metals.

I haven't always created designs using dark metals - but I love the look. Case in point - my love for Todd Reed's dark metals and raw diamonds, Emanuela Duca's blackened metals (her designs are what I see in my dreams!!) and of course Sarah Graham's signature designs.   These designers embody such a raw elegance. Their designs are full of mystery and intrigue. Not to mention they're just plain gorgeous and super cool.

Emanuela Duca - Magma Ring

So, tell me what you think - how should I label these and what should I call them?   I've seen things such as 'Post Apocalyptic', Goth, Rocker, Grunge, Organic, Urban,.....??

They're definitely eclectic.

What are you playing around with this weekend?  
Are you creating anything special? 

What types of styles and designs are you interested in at the moment?  Please share with us!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Funky Styles!



  1. first of all - those are GORGEOUS! I love them! To me these are very 'Game of Thrones' or 'Lord of the Rings' .. so not sure exactly what style that is? medieval? but then perhaps Bohemian? or even Romani (gypsy)? Whatever you choose - absolutely love this style you've created.

  2. oh these are fantastic! you've totally made them your own- which is what i always hope ppl will do.
    I love how you gave them all drops. what a wonderful thing for me to wake up to!

  3. I too am loving darkened metal these days. I look at my older work with the shiny polished silver and I just want to darken it all up! I can't believe how much time I wasted polishing!

  4. Shel, I *love* all of these! I'm especially drawn to the red one.
    I've been saving cloth & wanting go make more, but other stuff gets in the way.

    Seriously, these are all gorgeous!

    Regarding name: What about 'Bohemian'? Urban Bohemian? Modern Bohemian?
    Here's a couple of definitions.

  5. They are fantastic....love the dark metal and textile combination. To me, they have a real winter feel... the white wrap.. the icicles and quartz. Fire and Ice comes to mind.. although that may not be enough to name them as a general term. I am mad about Game of Thrones and this is the theme song for the show! It's a fabulous tune. They look like they have come from that 'era'.

  6. These are so cool, Shel They definitely have your stamp on them. And I love the fuzz! Reminds me of baby owl feathers. No name ideas coming from me, but with the dark metal and crystals, they remind me of the movie called "Dark Crystal". The one with the elven puppets and the evil skeksis.

    No matter what you end up naming this collection, I'm sure they will be well received!


  7. Thank you all so much for your input. I love all the ideas and each one fits,...that's why it was so hard to name them. I kind of like the Game of Thrones theme, too. This specific set sold just after I posted this, so I'm going to have to do up another grouping and choose a name for those instead. I'll post pics of them when they're done here, too. It's so fun to make these, they really are addicting! Thanks for checking things out and commenting - I really appreciate it!!

  8. My daughter has got me reading the Mortal Instruments series at the moment. These remind me of the Angels and Demons in the books. How about "Dark Angel" or "Bohemian Angels". It seems to work well with the white and crystals


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