I'm a Kreativ Blogger!!

Kashmira, over at Sadafulee,...Always in Bloom, received the Kreative Blogger award this week which is awarded by your peers.  Way to Go Kashmira! 

Her blog is really beautiful and she shares so much of her life with you, it really is a great read. She tells of how she is new to beading, but her designs are very beautiful and not exactly you'd expect from someone who labels themselves as a beginner! (she's a bit talented, I tell you!)  Oh, and her photos are awesome, too. She actually has 4 blogs I found out -busy woman!

Kashmira contacted me yesterday to tell me she had selected me as one of the Kreativ Blogger recipients from her blog - Wow!!  Thank you so much Kashmira - you're too sweet!!

The Kreativ Blogger Award is something that's been going on since the spring of 2008. It's an award that's given to you by your peers, which I think is quite awesome.  I mean, who better to give you an award than someone who follows your blog and your work, right? 

And, I just found out that Lisa over at Pine Ridge Treasures (check it out - beautiful work!) also listed me as a Kreativ Blogger recipient and I didn't know it yet!  Thanks so much Lisa - that was awesome of you!!

I'm feeling a bit special today - can you tell!!??  Thanks so much to both of you!

Okay - the rules are pretty simple; once you're selected by your peers you must:

1) mention and link to the person/blog that bestowed the award to you,
2) post 7 well thought out and random facts about yourself and,
3) Pass on the award to 10 other bloggers and let them know about it! 

So, with out further ado,...here's the 7 random facts about me (some of them are even listed here on my blog) and also my 10 Kreativ Bloggers that I'd like to pass on this award to as well,....

Random Facts about me,....

1 - I'm ambidextrous.
2 - I lovingly refer to my small home town in Central Illinois as "Mayberry" and old Route 66 runs right through the middle of it.
3 - One of my friends and I tried to see if we could drive from one end of our home town to the other (about a mile) with out going down a road that had a stop sign. We almost made it! LOL! I cherish that memory!
4 - I twirl my hair almost constantly. Except when I bead or smack metal around!
5 - I love listening to people talk who have a British, Irish, or Australian accent - it's so sexy!
6 - Love Actually is one of my top 10 all time favorite movies - EVER! (British Accents Galore!!)
7 - I'm so sad the Phoenix Suns don't have Steve Nash anymore,...but I will always be a SUNS Fan!!

Now for the 10 Bloggers and their Blogs that I would like to pass on this award to:

**I tried to pick 10 that I didn't think had received the award already - so if you've already received it - sorry about that! :-) **

1) Deb over at Deb Duty Photography:  Awesome blog, awesome photos - tons of inspiration.
2) Cynthia with Beatnheart: Her designs make me drool. They're cooler than cool!
3) Cyndi with Beading Arts:  She shares so much and has a wicked sense of humor that I adore!
4) Delia Stone: Her designs and wire work are amazing!  I'd love to take a class from her!
5) Linda with Fresh Baked Designs: I love her designs and how she's always upbeat and positive!
6) Regina with Regina's Writings: Great Designs! She's warm and genuine and it shows!
7) Sandra with Beaded by Sandra: Such pretty designs!  Great sense of color!
8) Sally with The Studio Sublime: Oh,..what a fun personality and her jewelry rocks!
9) Lela with Gallery 13: Great jewelry, and I'm loving the turquoise she did recently!! Ohhhh,....
10) Don with Urbandon: His style is awesome and his blog is ultra cool! Great photos, too!!

So many others that I wanted to pass on to you.  Some of them had already been chosen and some had not, but I only had 10 spaces, so be sure to check out my blog roll off to the side here!

Congrats again to Kashmira and thanks so much for sharing it with me!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Cool Things!


  1. Congratulations Shel! Well deserved! And you have a list of new bloggers for me to explore!

  2. Loved reading the little randon facts about you :)
    You make me want to visit "Mayberry"
    And what a great lineup of blogs! There was only one that I had been to before, so am glad you shared.

    About my 4 other blogs...unfortunately, none of those are active right now :((

  3. You have a great blog and deserved the award! Enjoy!

  4. Why thank you so very much for choosing my lil old blg for an award with the word creative in it!!!
    And your kind words mean so much ..,
    Thanks from the bottom of my beatnheart

  5. Thank you Shel, that is so sweet of you. Enjoyed reading about you and I will be checking out the other blogs too. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Thanks so much for choosing my blog and congratulations on being chosen!

  7. Lovely kudo for you and your terrific blog. Love reading about your jewelry and life adventures. Bravo!
    And thanks so much for including me in your list of blogs to pass it on to. Such a lovely way to start the week.


  8. I could have sworn that I left a comment on this post. Seems that blogger has a mind of its own!
    Thanks for including me in your list. :) I look forward to checking out some new blogs.

  9. Lela - I thought I saw a comment by you on this post too - but I have no idea where it is either. At least you can comment, I've tweaked my blog a few times over because a few folks have told me they couldn't comment,....blogger does have it's ups/downs at times doesn't it?!! and, you're very welcome for including you in my list of Kreative Bloggers - I love your designs and your blog!! I found you through BeatNHeart,....


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