Something For You,...

I'm finally editing some pics I took the last weekend I was up at the cabin this summer.

Played around with some colors

Went back to basics,.....

Comment below for a chance to win this necklace!

And then of course, leather and pearls are some of my all time favorite!

Do you have a favorite color, type of bead or material that you like to design with?

Please share your favorites and why below here in the comments and you will be entered in the drawing to win my  "Basic Black" leather charm necklace pictured above.

The drawing will be Wednesday, August 15th so come back to see who wins! 

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Creative Fun!




  1. I love the different colors, elements, and texture in your pieces they are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us all...bye for now and Happy Beading

  2. I love your new stuff, especially the knotted leather and pearls and the talisman style of the black necklace, the contrast of rugged and smooth elements

  3. Tucson is very cool! It's a perfect name for those colors.

    To answer your question - in the past, I created with leather & components that would be called African. As you know, currently I'm into silver & turquoise.
    One thing I know for sure is that I lean to minimalist designs - both in creating & in what I wear...and I do love that Basic Black. I need a lesson in how you wrapped the ends of the leather. ;)

    Great new stuff, Michelle. And nice pics of it too.

  4. They are all so very nice so it is hard to pick. But I really like the earrings at the the leather and the color of the pearls.

  5. Always love your leather and pearl designs. But, wow, that scarlet necklace is just glorious.
    Way to step out!

  6. I just adore EVERYTHING you make! SO stylish and well crafted. I am totallllly in love with those Tucson earrings and necklace too. But I like them ALL!

  7. Love your wire wrapped earrings! My favorites to work with are natural beads, both gemstones and pearls and basic stringing. I am still new to the art of using other stringing materials, such as leather or silk.

  8. So hard to pick a favorite, they are all so wonderful! I LOVE the scarlet necklace, the deep color of the silk is just scrumptious! I would wear the Tucson earrings anyday, love them and all of the pearls and leather are fab!!


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