Loaded Dino

I mean, loading Dino.
On my iPod. 
Well, actually he's already loaded,...
On The iPod!
Geeze,....what are you guys thinking?!!
Here's a clip.

To me, Dean Martin has the best voice ever!

One year, when  the "Masked Rider" was about 11 or so, we actually learned all the words to "On an Evening in Roma" (Sott'er Celo De Roma) while we were driving home from the cabin. We were singing (in Italian) at the top of our lungs just as the photo radar snapped a lovely pic of us coming down the hill into Payson.  Never did see that pic in the mail. Guess the folks at DMV had too much fun laughing at us that they had to keep it for themselves! Good thing it didn't come with sound. We would have been really fined for that one!!
Getting ready for my trip to Italy this week.

 What are you doing?
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Entusiasti di andare in Italia!

And this is just for fun!

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