When In Rome,...or Venice!

So, the vacation has come to an end.
The little village of Sommocolonia, near Barga, Italy in Tuscany where we stayed.
The sights, sounds, smells (except for all the cigarette smoking) and photo opportunities were amazing!!
Colosseum - Rome, Italy. Photo by Michelle Buettner
I will be posting some great window displays every now and then over the next few months as inspiration with everything from jewelry, shoes, purses, fashion trends - the awesome ways they display products - you name it!
Yes, I found the Swarovski Store in Venice, Italy!!
I'm not really jet-lagged. I thought I would be but luckily I think I figured out how to program my body and brain.
Italy really is this beautiful.
Sommacolonia, Italy  (near Barga in Tuscany)
I'll have my Etsy shops back up the 1st week of October is all goes well. I don't have all of the new designs I wanted to have finished done yet, but hopefully I'll have a few for you.
Pretty Blue Turquoise in One of the Shops in Venice.
I felt right at home!! ;-)
What have you been up to in September?  Have you transitioned into Autumn yet?  Do you enjoy this season and all it's fascinating colors and jewelry styles?
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Returning Home!


  1. I. Am. So. JEALOUS!!! Oh wow, will you just LOOK at those gorgeous pictures!

    Hey, if I can't travel, the next best thing is to live vicariously through those who can ;)

  2. Welcome back, Shel. Can't wait to see what Italy has inspired in your designs. Didn't you just love the Cinque Terre? It was our vacation from our vacation spot.


  3. My parents just headed off to Italy. Seems you had a wonderful vacation. Isn't Venice great? And Rome? Here fall arrived and I can't wait for all its colors.

  4. Thanks Kayla on the compliments of my pics!
    Lynda - I did love the Cinque Terre but the Road to Vernazza was closed to traffic and the only way to get there was on the walking trail from Corniglia and we didn't have time because it was a 1 hour 30 minute walk up hill / down hill one way!!! I was bummed, but the three villages I did see were amazing!

  5. Yes (Kokopelli) Venice and Rome are both wonderful. I also loved the hill top villages and mountains of Tuscany,...it was all amazing!

  6. The little village where you stayed looks amazing! Yes, I'm envious too. ;)


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