Window Shopping Anyone?

The fashion and shopping in Italy seemed to be just as big of an attraction as the ancient ruins and historic sights.

I tried to get some good shots of the window displays but it didn't really work out too well because the sun was shining so bright on the days these were shot (not to mention all the people in the plazas), so you'll have to trust me when I tell you that they were all amazing!

I'd love to tell you the names of some of the shops but we were running through the squares and I was snapping away with my camera as fast as I could and wasn't always able to step back enough to get the shop/brand name in most of the photos with out bumping into people or before I had to run off to catch up to Marsha and Roberta.

(They were often seen turning around asking, "Where's Shelly?!")

I noticed that although there were pops of vivid colors and wonderful textures every where,
And this dear friends, is how to wear a necklace with a scarf!
Their wrists are bare,...they need bracelets and bangles!!
 the displays showing clean lines and simple silhouettes highlighting black, white, cream/beige and gray for Autumn were very prominent.

Yes, you know gray is one of my favs! 

Bold Black and White
(and here I thought Cobalt Blue was the new black this season!)

The Versace window was so cool - wish I could have gotten a good shot!

And then, there were these boots!  Yep, I'm in love. Simply and utterly in LOVE!  Wild, aren't they?! I was so distracted at getting a photo of them with out some one's hand touching them, I have no idea what brand they are. (I know, I should get a fashion-ticket for that!!)

Another shopping detail was how the window displays had this electric vibe to them.
They seemed to come alive and evoke feelings and emotions of actually wearing the clothes and 'being' in the scenario pictured. 

Can't you just see these girls waiting for the metro, off to have a fabulous weekend?

Oh, and the creativity of the displays
(most of which I couldn't capture because of extreme window-glare!)
were a visual delight!

Shoe Trees!  Quite the forest if you ask me!

Works of art in themselves, I tell you!

How fun is this?!  And the music playing was great, too!

My excitement was obvious by the little squeals of joy at each window! I'm sure people were probably thinking I was some sort of nut job! At least I wasn't the only one snapping pics of the window displays and merchandise. I guess they're quite used to this by now.

Of course I did have to get some of the 'names' on camera - I mean, there's some things I just don't see every day on my way to work.
And, the architecture that houses these wonderful names is equally impressive, if not more, and the blend of the old and ancient with new and modern was a big time rush for me!
Textures mixed with smooth, clean lines and soft curves nestled among bold, sharp angles - oh my!

I know I'm kind of a freak (dork!) when it comes to drooling over the fashion scene, but really, it's one of those things that make me tick; that tickles my fancy and makes me smile inside and feel all wonderful and excited with life.

Here's a couple of pieces of jewelry that I designed to go with those gorgeous boots above and those wonderful, soft, cream and beige cashmere pieces in the windows of Rome!

Silver and white with some gray tones mixed in.

Bold Black and White

These pieces will go nicely with the 4 Italian leather handbags I purchased too. Now I just need to find an awesome pair of black riding boots, these that my sister smartly talked me out of.
See the ones right there in the middle?  Uh-uh,...I know.
I haven't quite figured out how to wear two pair of shoes at the same time yet and so that little detail, (coupled with the fact that I had absolutely no more room in my suite case for them) meant they were left behind in Rome. I heard them sigh a bit as I walked away! 

I may have to order them online,....

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Window Shopping!!


  1. What a wonderful trip! The window displays are amazing. I can't imagine how spectacular they would have been in person. Your bracelets are perfect for the new winter fashions. Just lovely!

  2. Yup, I can see the need for a drool bib. Thanks for sharing the photo inspirations for your newest pieces. They're just lovely. The neutrals really let the design details shine.

  3. Firstly, those shoes are to DIE for! I'd LOVE to own a pair of those babies but seeing as they're in Italy, I have a sneaking suspicion they cost a pretty penny!

    I love those two bracelets you created-I'd LOVE to say my pieces were inspired by the fashion of Italy :)

    I love all the pictures you took!


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