The Perfect Bead

It's amazing what beads you'll find in the bin when you dig a bit deeper and don't just take the ones from the top.
I mean, the ones on top are the ones that
 catch every one's eye right?
 Sometimes it's the bead at the bottom, or off to the side, or stuffed inside some other bead, or over in the corner that everyone forgot about – sometimes those are the ones that have the most to contribute.
It’s different, oddly shaped or possibly scratched up a bit but definitely worth using.
You reach your hand in the bin,…eyes closed, feeling around asking the ‘Bead Gods” to bring you the bead that needs to be found to put in that perfect project. 
And there’s that special bead no one else has wanted, waiting for the right person to love it, the right project,...the perfect place to call home. 
And then you connect.
Isn’t that the most wonderful feeling?
It happens with people too!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Perfect Misfits!



  1. Beautiful photos, excellent beads.

  2. Love your sweet and thoughtful piece about the hard to see and sometimes hard to appreciate in our lives. A timely reminder. So thank you.


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