Extremely Fortunate

The 12th Annual Christmas Pudding

Each year Alice Cooper and his wife Sheryl host the Annual Christmas Pudding - the Valley's premier holiday event - with proceeds benefiting their Solid Rock Foundation which helps kids in the Phoenix area.

This Spring, the Rock Teen Center opened in Phoenix and the Solid Rock Foundation provides programs, classes and resources such as dance, music and various vocational opportunities in the sound, lighting, and staging industry.  (Good Stuff, Good Stuff!)
I'm extremely fortunate to be attending Alice Cooper's 12th Annual Christmas Pudding Holiday Event this weekend with one of my BFF's, the lovely and ever-talented, Lea Haben, founder of SmartFem.com - The Intelligent Guide For Women On The Go.
I'm excited to attend such an awesome event; one that I've followed for several years now, seeing highlights on the local news stations and hearing of the wonderful talent that's always present and the good they do during this event each year.
Since I'm not sure if I'm technically allowed to post pics of the amazingly handsome Johnny Depp (who will be there, playing on stage with Alice and his band!! OMG, OMG!!) on my personal blog (I guess FB and Pinterest are okay to post on so go over there to drool, okay?!) I'll have to leave you with a pic of the outfit I'm planning on putting together,....
So, what about jewelry? Any ideas other than what I've got there - you know, something I could whip up quickly in the next day or so?  Please leave me your comments and share your thoughts on this.
Also, I was reminded by my brother-in-law this past week that although the holidays are supposed to be a time of 'good cheer', many times this is not the case for people.  Some folks find it a sad time because they've lost a loved one, or are far away from their friends and family, or have fallen on hard times and need a helping hand.  
I'm interested to see what events your city has going on that help to benefit troubled teens, or families and children in need,...not just during the holidays, but all through the year. 
We're quite fortunate here in Phoenix to have several great people like Alice and Sheryl Cooper in town,..people who help year round with giving people a helping hand or a needed job, some food, clothing or just a place to go to get out of the heat/cold or rain.
So, while I'm drooling over Johnny Depp this Saturday night, I will also be feeling a sense of extreme gratitude for all the Solid Rock Foundation has done and continues to do on a day to day basis!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Solid Rock!


  1. Love the bling in black, silver, and gold palette for your rocking' outfit. As per your description of this special event, I might suggest adding a drool bib, with sparkles of course. Sounds like a wonderful time!

    1. Lynda - you are so right - a drool big will definitely be in order! LOL!! Thanks for the compliments on the outfit, too!


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