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I've joined up with Sally over at The Studio Sublime for her weekly photo challenge this year called
Each week she gives us a prompt and we go and snap a pic of how we interpret the prompt and then share it with the group.
(Feel free to join in with all of us - there's still time!!) 
The first week was Self Portrait and you can see the post I did by clicking here.
This last Saturday (week 2) was: Your Word. We had to pick our word for the year and blog about it and of course, since it's a photo challenge, take a photo and explain it.  You can see Saturday's post here.
I had never chosen a word for the year before. It's kinda like New Year's resolutions - I don't really do those either. But hey, it was a challenge so my word for 2013 is READY.
Yep, pretty simple a word, huh?!
I chose ready because I felt so many words resonating with me for 2013 and I felt 'Ready' for all of them.
I decided I'm actually going to do a very un-official version of a "Word a Week" for myself this year.  I will choose a word each Monday as my mantra word,...what I want to improve, focus on, do,...you get the picture.
I'll probably share quite a few of my words with you here on the blog and when I do, I'd love for you to chime in with your own words and things you're focusing on and are READY for.
For the first week of the year my word was 'Organize'.
I did that here,...in this post.
For the 2nd week of the year my word was 'Change' because I am making some changes this year to some things and I was focusing on those.
And that brings us to this week. Week 3 of 2013.

My word for this week is "Grow". I'm READY to grow my business in some new directions, GROW my skills with new techniques, GROW by sharing things I know or feel passionate about,...Grow. 

This week I am READY to GROW!

What are you focusing on this week? 
This month, this year?
This Moment?
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Words with Meanings!

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