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Things are moving a bit slowly as I'm trying to get back in the groove of things after the Gem Show and after being down for a few days with a bit of a cold.
Ceramic Beads by Havana Beads on Etsy
I was able to finally get some jewelry pics edited that I've been sitting on for a while (some older than others!) and have been learning more of my Elements 10 (Editing with Elements Class from Brandi - it's awesome!) and also using some online editing sites such as Pixlr and PicMonkey.   I'm getting quicker,....or less picky,....not sure which is the case actually.
I've noticed that at different times of the year my design style seems to go all 'Southwest' with a major Bohemian flair.   With maybe just a dash of 'Gypsy' style (or whatever you want to call it) thrown in for good measure.  I'm wondering why?
What influences us with our trends and tastes?
I wonder if, at times, it's something subconscious (??)
How about  you? Do you find that your work, your art, your wardrobe, or the styles of things you like seem to go back and forth through out the year(s); possibly with the seasons, the different moods of the year(s), with different events around the world, or with age (gasp!) and things like that?
There's all sorts of Art Deco stuff that's been going on for a while now (it was everywhere during NY Fashion week) and there's some things about it I like and some that I really cannot stand. 
The Miami Design Preservation League - via Pinterest
Personally I'm drawn a bit more to rugged textures with neutral and/or deep colors than I am to geometric designs in mint green and lilac with silvery-mirrored accents! 
(I know - I'm exaggerating a bit there - but you get what I mean!)
Via Pinterest (Spanglish Fashion blogspot)
(This is more me,...well, sort of!)
It's interesting to see things as they come back in style again and again and how there's modern twists and takes on them, isn't it?
   Mary Katrantzou Spring 2013 - Via Pinterest
(I actually think these are pretty funky and cool!!)
That said, what time periods affect your designs, your art work, your style or clothing, your home decor or your travels? 
I'd love to hear what influences your style, your tastes and what things you're most drawn to and why.
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Stylin' Through the Years,....


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    1. Thank you so much - that's a totally awesome thing to say!! :-)

  2. What great earrings, love the metal work. My style... not too sure.. the beads talk and I listen.

    1. I love your quote: "The Beads Talk and I Listen!" Well, you listen well Regina because all your designs are fabulous and your sense of color and texture on your pieces is always stunning!

  3. I really love the two pairs of earrings, love copper and I absolutely love any jewelry in Southwestern style. I have lots of it, too, and wear it often. Yes, my style and also what jewelry I wear is influenced by the seasons. Especially in summer, when I spent most of the day outdoors I tend to wear simple jewelry, leather cord, stone beads etc. Jewelry that can take a lot and is easy to take care of. Interesting topic, but way too much for a comment. So maybe can we email about this? I'd love to!

    1. I'd love to chat w/you about this - email me at
      also, I tend to wear simple designs,...silver mostly and my leather and pearls, but more wild designs really catch my eye and I love things with lots of texture and different mediums. And I love creating various styles, too, even though I'm a creature of habit and wear practically the same thing every day! LOL!!

  4. Your southwestern style is great. You ask a lot of good questions that I had to think about. Fashion wise I am drawn to the pin-up style and the 60's era. For jewelry I really like what Regina said. Latley I have be liking designing industial chic stlye peiece. Useing chain, leather, stones and crystals. Now I want to pay attention and see if diffrent sessions I change my style. Thanks for getting me thinking.

  5. Thanks for your input Sierra - it's great. I find I like so many different styles,'s what prompted me to ask these questions and right this post, and you're welcome, I too like it when posts or comments people put out there make me think and observe things! I think things like this help me grow as a jewelry artist.


Thanks for sharing what you have to say - I love hearing your comments!