The End of Another Gem Show!

Marsha, Ginny and me at the Gem Mall
Well, it was a fun few days that I spent down in Tucson at the Gem, Mineral and Bead Shows last week.
Janet - Not sure where,...possibly the Doubletree Hotel - TBTB Show
I have some pics my sister took of all of us at the gem show.  Most of mine came out kinda blurry for some reason.
Marsha, Ginny and Janet at the Gem Mall
Marsha - again, not sure where - possibly the TBTB Show
at the Doubletree Hotel
Marsha, Janet and I stayed with Ginny and Dan during the week (thanks Dan for the wonderful scrambled eggs and bacon on Thursday morning - they were  yummy!!)
Ginny at the Sketchers Store - she's already laid down
a few boxes,....she had so many you couldn't even see her!!
We won't mention the trip to the Sketcher's Store
or Ginny's obsession with Pink Shoes!
Janet picks out some goodies at the To Bead True Blue
Show at the Doubletree Hotel
While Marsha and Janet headed up to Sedona after a couple of days of "Gem Shopping", I headed over to Nina and Steve's on the North West side of town for a few days until my boys arrived for the weekend. 
Nina, Garrett, me and Logan
Notice the bunny ears and someone grabbing someone else's ear??
Yep - that's how we all roll, baby!!
Nina and I had fun goofing around with our boys.
Gosh they're getting so tall! 

But we forgot to get pictures of us and our Hubby's!

Yes, that guy belongs to me!!

Well, almost!

Woke up to snow on the Catalina Mountains on Saturday Morning
Saturday morning, we woke up to snow on the Catalina Mountains and Saturday evening we were treated to a gorgeous sunset! 
The Sunset reflecting on the Catalina's from Nina's backyard Saturday evening.
I never get tired of the beauty around Tucson!

Except for maybe these,...not real fond of running into these,...or scorpions either!
Nina ran into this on one of her walks. Glad I was not w/her when this happened.
He is rather pretty though, isn't he?!
Even though we've all had our flu shots, both my son and hubby came down with what seems like a flu/cold combo so Sunday we jetted home early so they could get some rest.

Oh, and here's a few pics of some of the goodies I picked up while I was in Tucson - can't forget those!
Charms and Pendants from Silver Sparrow Beads, Blingy Goddess Pendants and a
beautiful Jasper focal bead my sis got me from Silk Road Treasures.
A beautiful Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Focal Bead and a strand of really pretty
Turquoise nuggets from Mexico - Yummy Turquoise!!
Clay Beads - made to look old.  Cool and Fun!!
Unfortunately I only saw a couple of people I knew at the booths I stopped at - everyone else was on a break, or teaching a class or off eating somewhere.
Ayla, of my "Pearl Connections" I've had for several years!
And a fellow Illinois gal, too!
I didn't make it around to all the booths I wanted to either this year.  It was a rather hectic few days with not as much time at each location as I normally have - but it was still fun none-the-less. 
Steve with Pacific Silverworks
Have you seen his cool rings?!!
I mean, who wouldn't have fun strolling among pearls, beads, findings, gems and more pearls, right?
Beautiful, Beautiful Pearls!
These are some of the strands that came home with me!!
(happy dance!)
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Sadly,
The End of Another Gem Show!!



  1. that looks like so much fun! I could get lost in a gem show :)

  2. Love the post! wishiing i was there...

  3. Look at all the wonderful beads! You lucky girl!! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time and you were even able to get some shoe shopping in and time with family, what a perfect weekend!

  4. Looks like you and friends has an amazing time in Tucson and came home with some wonderful playthings, too. Thanks for sharing your adventure. P.S. I'm pretty sure the "old clay beads' are from Ghana. I've purchased these pretty sand cast beads there.

    1. Lynda,...they are 'sand cast' beads aren't they? Not sure why I want to keep calling them clay beads,...maybe because that's what was on my mind,....who knows!! LOL!! but the guy told me they were new ones made to look like the old/ancient ones,....I know they were a lot less expensive than the others, that's for sure. :-)

  5. Lovely pictures and a great blog shared. Keep posting.

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