Focus on Life: 52 Photos - Week 23

Sally prompted us with:
"The power of the written or typed word can be more powerful than you thought!
The style and appearance of printed matter has an effect to how we view items, websites, businesses, book titles and the list goes on and on. Is the typography pleasing to the eye, does the font pull you in, draw you away, make you feel inspired?
This week focus on the printed word and see what the words are saying to you!"

This font/typography alone conjures up ALL KINDS of Scary Zombie Movies
for me!
I cannot WAIT for this movie!

I'm hoping the movie will be as good as the book but since they rarely are,...I'm not holding my breath!
But that "Z" on the cover is doing it for me!
(Scary, Scary!)
Jump on over to
The Studio Sublime
and see what types of Typography
people are posting today!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Zombies, Baby!
*I may not have the best Internet service this weekend and so I might not be able to hop and comment on every one's posts until Tuesday or so! Sorry about that!*


  1. HA! Love it. I'm a zombie fan myself and am looking forward to the movie too. I really should read the book I guess (I usually do). The hubs has already read it, so I know there will be some huge differences as far as the storytelling structure, but Brad Pitt is in it so it can't be all bad! ;)

  2. That cover really speaks to me and says I definitely won't like it - I just don't do scary! It's a great example of the typography doing it's job though - and very well chosen for this weeks prompt!


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