Focus on Life: Week 34 - Add Somthing

It's Week 34 of the
hosted by Sally over at The Studio Sublime
and this week's prompt was:
Add Something

Sally suggested that this week we "Get creative with your photos. Dive into those editing programs and check out all the wonderful effects, actions, overlays and textures!"

So, I took a favorite photo and did just that.
Since I'm still very challenged with Photoshop Elements 10, the program I have, I used the free online editing program Pixlr and came up with these results:
*(click on any photo to enlarge them)
Normal - just clean edits (crop, size, sharpen)
When editing my jewelry photos, I just do clean edits and just crop, size, sharpen and at times stick a frame around them and that's it (I do the frames in Pixlr, too - or PicMonkey or ipiccy).
Overlay, Light Effects and Frame
This week's challenge was fun and allowed me to spend some time experimenting with some various overlays and textures that I hadn't used before.
Antique look, Overlay and Frame
Pretty cool effects if you ask me.
Hog Wild!  Overlays, Textures, Frames - you name it.
I love this one for some reason - Looks like a Hallmark Card.
This was a fun one, Sally - Thank you!
Go on over to The Studio Sublime today and check out Sally's new web design and see what all the other participants are snapped and how they've chosen to "Add Something"!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Adding Some Fun!


  1. Those are great. I love the last one as well. It looks like a canvas -- I would love to see it blown up and in a frame.

  2. I think the bottom one makes the flower look like it's made from a silky gauze! I like the antique look too!

  3. It is a lovely shot. I suck at all of this editing stuff

  4. Love the effect in all your pictures, but I also like the last one the best, love how the colors pop in it.

  5. Well the original photo is just gorgeous, as are all the edited ones.

  6. I'm such a sucker for antiquing... it looks sooooo romantic! Gorgeous photos!
    Have a great week :)

  7. wow that last one looks like linen .... really great filter effects!

  8. It's amazing how many photo editing options there are. I agree your last one DOES look like a Hallmark card - it's beautiful! Also very cool that you spent time in Pittsburgh. We still have lots of family there.

  9. Oh the hog wild one is wonderful! I also like the antique one.

  10. Great effects, I love the last one, great texture, it looks like canvas

  11. Your picture is stunning! I love every edit - the last, with the linen effect is amazing!

  12. I really like that you took the same picture and applied a variety of cool alterations to it. That last one is my favorite too. :)

  13. Oh, I'm all for the "hog wild"! Love it!! You should definitely consider having some cards made from that...


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