Heading off to Haunted Places

Fun times are ahead as I travel to
with my sister and a couple of friends this weekend.
Janet, Kyle and Marsha - Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix AZ

We're staying the night in the Jerome Grand Hotel.
The Jerome Grand Hotel
Yes, the very cool, very HAUNTED
The Jerome Grand Hotel
I've stayed there before with my niece and my sis and had a not so pleasant 'ghostly' experience
Misha and Aunt Shelly - Jerome Grand Hotel - 2006
Some weird, dark, 'mass' thing tried to enter my body, on my right shoulder, while I was sleeping. It was super creepy and scared the daylights out of me.  My sister kept telling me to be quiet during the night because I guess I kept trying to call her name when it would wake me up and freak me out.   And when I would wake up, it would just 'hover' back towards the end of the bed and then fade away. Then, right as I would drift back to sleep, it would come back and start pushing on my shoulder again,...it was a very restless night!  
Misha and Marsha - Jerome Grand Hotel - 2006
The next day, at check out, the lady asked us if we had a nice stay and of course we said 'yes'. 
After all, it is a super cool hotel. It was decorated for Halloween the weekend we were there and the Otis elevator is like the oldest of its kind still in operation or something like that, and the restaurant/bar (The Asylum!) is great and the hotel itself is just a modern-day marvel,....built so long ago on the edge of a mountain on a slope - wowsers!
Misha and Marsha - Laughing while seated inside the Jerome Grand Otis Elevator - 2006
Anyway, after we answered the lady's question, my niece says, "Oh, except for the ghostly experience my Aunt had."
  The lady stops, looks up from her book she's writing in and says, "What did you experience?" 
My niece proceeds to tell her the story of my 'ghostly invader' during the night and the lady looks down at her book and back up to us and asks, "What room were you in again?" 
My niece tells her (I can't remember for the life of me what the room number was - sorry!) and the lady looks back down at her book, then back at my niece and says,
"Oh. Umm,...Uh-uh."
"I'm sorry?" I blurted out. "What exactly does, 'oh. umm. uh-uh', mean?"   And the lady looks over to me as I'm sitting on this couch by the front desk area and says, "We've had people tell us about similar experiences in that room before."
"Really!?!"  Alrighty then. Yep. Probably would have been good to know prior to check in and I should have read the little 'ghostly experiences of our guests' guest book before we were waiting to check out of the hotel. (It was in my hands as the front desk lady told me what 'oh. um,...uh-uh' meant!)
So, needless to say, I'm both excited to return to the Jerome Grand Hotel and a bit on the apprehensive side, too. 
I will definitely ground myself before walking anywhere near the hotel or it's grounds and will be keeping a vigilant eye out for 'things' as we walk around this time. Instead of like last time when I was practically skipping down the halls saying things like , "I hope I see a ghost!", "I wonder what rooms have ghosts?",  "Wouldn't it be super cool to see  something like that while we're here?"

Marsha and Shelly - Jerome, AZ 2006
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Ghost Town Adventures!

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  1. And my first thought was...You're going back?!! lol. Well I hope this visit is much quieter. You know you'll be disappointed if you don't have a ghostly experience. :) Enjoy your girls weekend Shel.

    1. I know right, Ema?! But, we did go back and nothing really happened. I had weird 'ghost' dreams, but they were just dreams, no ghostly spirits visiting in the night that I know of! I did capture a cool pic and people think it's an apparition (sp?) in the photo. I am doing a blog post on Monday or Tuesday the 3rd or 4th of March about the trip w/pics - so stay tunee! :-)

  2. You are a braver woman than I am! I hope you have a great time and that you see a ghost. If you want to. Or not...

    1. Ha, Annette - I'm a big chicken once the sun sets and it's dark! LOL!! No ghostly experiences this time - but I did manage a pic of 'something' Saturday night. I will be doing a blog post early next week about it - around the 3rd or 4th, so stay tuned! :-)

  3. Oh be sure to tell us about your new ghostly experiences. To tell you the truth, I am not sure if I would have been able to convince myself to go back.

    1. Shaiha - it was a great trip - with not really any ghostly experiences, but I did capture 'something' in a photo. I will be doing a blog post early next week about it - around the 3rd or 4th, so stay tuned! :-)

  4. Hi there! I met you Sunday in Jerome after a long night's stay in the hotel. I just dropped by to see if you had posted anything about your experiences last weekend yet :) My two friends both fell asleep at around 3am (even though we had a pact that we would all stay up all night) so I stayed up alone for hours playing games on my phone. I have a digital recorder app installed on my phone that I let record the whole time I was playing games. After about two hours of fighting to stay awake and witnessing no activity I finally allowed myself to sleep for about 2 hours, but I let the recorder keep running. When I woke up in the morning and my friends were still fast asleep I went downstairs, and that is when I met you nice ladies. Anyway, when I got back home I listened to the recording...and there is a woman's voice whispering the whole time I was awake, and then as soon as I feel asleep she stopped, it was complete silence from that point on. I can't understand what she was saying, but the fact that she stopped when I fell asleep makes me feel like she was trying to talk to me! Anyway, just a crazy story that I thought you might be interested in hearing :) Hope all is well! Carrie

  5. Hi Michelle! I met you on Sunday in Jerome after a very long night at the Jerome Grand. I just thought I would pop in and see if you had any stories from your weekend posted yet. I have a crazy story I thought you might be interested in. So, my friends both fell asleep around 3am (even though we had a pact that we would stay up all night!) and I was far too paranoid to sleep. So, I stayed awake playing games on my phone for about two hours. I have a digital recorder app on my phone so I set that to record and let it go while I played games. After two hours of struggling to stay awake and witnessing no activity I decided to let myself fall asleep, so I slept for two hours and I let the recorder keep going. I woke up around 7am and went outside for some fresh air, and that is when I met you nice ladies. Anyway, when we got back home I played the recording, and throughout the whole entire time that I was awake playing on my phone, there is a very faint whispering, a woman. As soon as I went to sleep she stopped. I can't understand what she is saying, but it is crazy to me because I feel like she was trying to talk to me that whole time. Anyway, thought you would be interested :) I hope all is well! Carrie

    1. Carrie - that is sooo wild!! Oh my goodness!! There was nothing else that happened to us, and I haven't posted yet about the trip. My Saturday post is going up tomorrow and it will just have stuff about the Flatiron Café - yummy coffee - but on Sunday or Monday I've got some pics going live and a new blog post about the Jerome weekend I'm doing - email me at shel@asicj.com and I'll email you the link once it's live and you can read it and 'chime' in here on the comments if you'd like!! It was super to meet you and your girl friends - that coffee at the Flatiron was fabulous, wasn't it?!! Have a great weekend and I'll chat w/you soon! ~hugs, Shel~


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