FOL14 - Week 20 - The View About The Ground

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May's topic for the Focus on Life 2014 weekly photography challenge is 

'In, At and About' 

and for week 20, Sally over at  

The Studio Sublime, gave us the prompt:

The View About The Ground

I'm always looking at the ground - usually for cool rocks. 

I decided to photograph something else this week though.

The grass with it's tiny yellow 'flowers' and this fallen leaf from the Grapefruit Tree.

This seemed a bit more 'summer' than rocks. 
Plus, the rocks were hot to stand on and photograph in my bare feet and the grass felt good despite the 104 temperature!

Hop around to the other participants this week and see what they captured in their "View About The Ground". 

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Looking About!



  1. That patch of green looks so cool and inviting. The heat has sure picked up this week - I think we will start to pay for the amazing Spring we have had. I've noticed that the cactus blooms like so much fuller than last year. Like your black and white edit too!

  2. I love looking at the tiny flowers that grow on the ground. I almost hate to mow over them.....but my wheels are high enough that some of the tiny ones don't get cut! Great pics and post. Thanks.

  3. I like the grapefruit curls up on one side, like it is posing for you.

  4. I've never seen a grapefruit tree. Your photo is so sweet and I love the tiny flowers.

  5. Very nice colors...and then you give us the bonus of black and white!

  6. Michelle, not sure I've ever seen a grapefruit tree before - would love to see the whole tree! :-) I can't believe it is 104 degrees there - WOW, that's hot!! :-(

  7. Wish it was 104 here... It's pouring rain and yucky! Our grass is green though.. no leaves big enough to fall off trees yet either!


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