Fall Business Women Online Expo

Hey - grab your 'fun hat' and click on over to the Fall Business Women Online Expo this Saturday, September 26th!

It's a fantastic way to network w/other independent online business owners, learn some new ways to network within your chosen online social media sites and have a great time to boot!
Plus, you and your friends can find some fantastically great buys for the upcoming holiday season. Nothing feels as good as supporting independent designers AND getting great stuff!

Check it out!!

Until this weekend,

Peace, Love and Pearls Baby!!


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  1. I love your blog, your jewelry and the name of your store or business. Everything tied up, rather I'd say twirled up so beautifully. Well, Pearl Geek, lots of good luck for you.

    It's passed 12:30 , so good night- or good morning for a new start. - Dita



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