Social Media: Does it really influence women's buying decisions?

Okay - I'm really trying to follow the advice of all the pro's and guru's out there who tell me (and everyone else, too) that part of my over-all marketing plan must include as many social networking sites as possible (that apply to what I do, anyway) and that I must take full advantage of these tools if I want to succeed and I want women to buy my jewelry.

In reading "Surprisingly, Women's Purchases Largely Uninfluenced by Social Networks" by Ann Hadley today, I was 'surprised' - as it says - that women's purchases are largely UNINFLUENCED by all the social networking sites - especially the ones I participate in like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace!

My question, after reading the above article is this,...."Do you think that women's purchases are becoming more influenced by these social networking sites because all the pros and gurus out there are 'stearing' things in that direction by touting what they want to be the outcome? Or are you, as a woman, largely, or in anypart, truly influenced by social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, and myspace soley on your own, and do you base your purchases, name brand or independent, on social networking sites and their information?"

I'm interested to hear what types of social networking has helped you in any type of buying decision.....please weigh in.

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  1. The only way I am influenced by social networking sites is that I often find out about new sellers by using them (just like I found you through Twitter). And I do enjoy hearing about sales or promotion from various sellers through using these sites, but I wouldn't say that it directly influences what I buy. I typically search out specific things to buy, such as gifts and supplies. So although I may find things that I like through social networking sites, it doesn't necessarily mean that I will end up buying them.

  2. Thanks for commenting - and yes, I think a lot of women (and men, too) feel the same way. We may look at things, check stuff out, but may not always be influenced enough to purchase what's being showcased online through social networks.

  3. I'm so new to all of the social networking aspects but from what I read, it's a very powerful selling and buying venue.
    I find it very intersting to learn more and more all the time.
    The GNO has proved that it is a good way to reach people that I wouldn't have reached otherwise.
    By the way...I love your work. And your photographing is great. Those girls in the pics are so professional...they aren't even swatting those misquitos!

    Thanks for sharing,


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