Valentines Reminder and Some Cool Links, too!

Hi there all,

With Valentines Day right around the corner, I wanted to let you know I've added some cool things in our shop that might suite your sweetie,, I've searched the web for you and found a bunch of cool stuff to spark ideas of what to get for your 'lovie' this Valentines Day.

One tip: Buy handmade where ever you can this year. With so many items being hand crafted right here in the good ol' USA, you won't be hard pressed to stimulate the economy, get stomething great for yourself or your loved ones at great prices and you'll be supporting those entrepreneurs who are fearless enough to venture out on their own! It's good for everyone!

Until Next time,
Peace, Love and all things hand made baby!

Have a look at these great finds:

Lorelei's Shop - beautiful jewelry,...vintage looks, very cool!

Button Head - Laugh your butt off buttons, tats and magnets!

Suzanne Stevens - Very pretty, colorful, jewelry at great prices, made by a cool person!

Martha's Makes - The cutest little (miniature) animals on the planet - seriously!!

Peanut Tree Designs - Modern goods with a vintage feel!
Sewn Natural - Cool stuff, sewn naturally!

Allagheny Clay Works - Beautiful Ceramic Dishes of all kinds!

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