Happy Mother's Day

On the night before Mother's Day I wanted to send a shout out to all the Mama's out there who do so much for their families and yes, their friends, too!

I enjoy being a mom and feel I'm blessed with an amazing child. To me, being a mom is one of the best things in the world!!
A month before my 4th birthday, I lost my Mom to cancer. I don't remember my Mom,...not really. I remember all the wonderful stories my brothers, sister and my Aunts have told me through the years about her and believe I missed out big time on knowing an amazing woman. (That's me over there sitting on my Mama's lap with my brother's and sister)

I can't complain though because I have a step-mom, who, although we didnt' really see eye to eye when I was growing up, was the mom I was dealt and believe she did a pretty good job of teaching me the things I needed to learn and I have her to thank for many things.

I also have some 'stand in' moms,....

There's my sister, Marsha, my sister-in-laws, Cheryl and Jeanie, my friend, Gwen, and my Aunt Ruby, Aunt Doris and Aunt Peg. And then there were my friends mom's, who I called Mom just like they did.

Sadly, some of these women have passed as well, but I still think of them and remember them with gratitude tomorrow,...Mother's Day.

So, for all the Mom's who have, or had, children of their own and for all the "Moms" who've been there when you needed a shoulder, when you needed a good talking too, or when you just needed a Mom's point of view - Thank You!

Happy Mother's Day!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Great Mama's!!



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