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Focus on Life 2014: Week 7 - Collage of LOVE

It's week 7 for the Focus on Life 2014 Weekly Photography Challenge and Sally over at the Studio Sublime has given us the theme of "Cabin Fever" for the month of February and our prompt this week is:
Collage of Love
"One of the best ways to beat the feeling of cabin fever is to feel the L❤VE!  It may be as simple as that warm and oh so  inviting cup of coffee, the cold nose of your four legged family member or the smell of a certain flower!  This week l❤ve is everywhere and it's your job to capture it, no bow and arrow needed, just a camera! "
It's been a very packed week this week, so I cheated on my collage and grabbed pics I had already taken.  But, they are things I love and it was a good thing I looked for some photos because I found there's tons missing on my computer and they're not on the back up hard drive either.
Were'd they go?  Your guess is as good as mine.
But, we are in the middle of retrograde, so this is not a surprising discovery.
Disappointing yes, unexpected no.  

I even searched some of the sub-folders thinking I'd dropped them in to the wrong place by accident. Nope. No luck. So, I spent a good portion of time searching and backing up newer things.
Back to this week's prompt,...
I snagged a silly shot of my boys awhile back and although it's blurry, I still love it.
I love them!
I love Pearls (ya, think?!!)
I love where I live.
And I love Coco and Kiki. (Crazy Lovebirds!!)
On Valentine's Day, Arizona celebrated its 102nd birthday.
On Valentines Day 20 years ago, Mike proposed.
On Valentine's Day 6 years ago, Iron Man (aka-Mike) got a 'defib' put in his chest that they now say he doesn't need (figures, right?!) but that we have been thankful for.
Valentine's Day is a good day!
Until Next Time,
Peace and LOVE!
Please check out all the other participants this weekend and see what they LOVE!!

FOL 2014 - Week 4 - Word(s)

It's week 4 already (where's January gone in such a hurry, huh?!) in the Focus on Life:2014 weekly photography challenge created by Sally from The Studio Sublime.
We're still going with the minimalistic approach this week and Sally's prompt was:
"There are so many words, a simple grouping of letters that bombard us everyday, that impact our everyday life.  They make us think, effect our purchasing of items and influence how we view ourselves.  This week we will focus on words.  What word speaks to you, makes you laugh, makes you feel good about your being and who you are in that moment.  Is there a word that stands out, you find interesting, you think is fun to say." Side Note (OPTIONAL PROMPT ALTERNATIVE) This photo prompt is about words in general and I know a few of you choose a word as a guide through the year.  Please feel free to use your "one little word" for this prompt if you would like.  
I kept seeing words all week that caught my attention.
But, there was one that stood out above
all others.
I think John Lennon said it best.
All You Need Is,....
I wrote the letters and used one of my hubby's hand-poured pewter PEACE pendants for the 'O'.
I then photographed it and edited it by playing with textures like Sally showed us this week!
It was a fun little project!
Until Next Time,
Peace and LOVE!

Focusing on Life: Week 6 - Feel The LOVE!

It's Week 6 of the Focusing on Life: 52 Photos Challenge offered up by Sally over at the Studio Sublime. 
This week, we were instructed to
Feel The LOVE!
Sally's instructions: "Since love is in the air in February, this week keep your heart open, breath in the air and feel the LOVE, then capture it in a photo. Feel the LOVE that the Universe is trying to show us everyday!"
So, here's some of the LOVE the Universe showed me this week! 
Coco and Kiki - our Peach Faced LOVE Birds!
Have YOU been able to FEEL The LOVE this week?
Old, torn, stained and greatly loved, these are among my most prized possessions!
Hope on over and grab some more LOVE from all the participants hanging out at the Studio Sublime today, okay?!
Until Next Time,
Peace, LOVE and well,...Love in all forms!

May Your Holidays Be Bright!

Wishing you Peace, Love and Joy During the Holiday Season!

Bringing Awareness - Stop the Bullying and Judging!

I was contacted by a fellow Etsy Shop Owner today - Christine by Hand - and was told one of my jewelry items - my Faceted Purple Amethyst Earrings - had been featured in her Etsy Treasury today.  

She found out that someone on Facebook had designated today as "Wear Purple Day" in order "to bring awareness to, and put an end to intolerance in honor of the 6 people who commited suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse at home and in schools" and she created an Etsy Treasury to help bring awareness to this crisis. She's also posted this to her blog and you can read about it here!

I was very honored to be included in her Etsy Treasury (lots of great iems - check out all the shops please!) but most of all I was touched by the reason she put the Etsy Treasury together and feel that this is such a great way to honor those who's lives weren't lived to their fullest.

I believe by bringing awareness to why bullying and judging others is such an unhealthy way of acting, thinking and living, that it will help us all to learn how to practice tollerance and help us focus on making ourselves better people.  We need to STOP the bullying and bring awareness of how crippling these type of actions and thinking are to our society (and our world). 

Thanks Christine for reminding us to be aware, to practice tollerance and to "Love One Another".

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Acceptance!!

Happy Mother's Day

On the night before Mother's Day I wanted to send a shout out to all the Mama's out there who do so much for their families and yes, their friends, too!

I enjoy being a mom and feel I'm blessed with an amazing child. To me, being a mom is one of the best things in the world!!
A month before my 4th birthday, I lost my Mom to cancer. I don't remember my Mom,...not really. I remember all the wonderful stories my brothers, sister and my Aunts have told me through the years about her and believe I missed out big time on knowing an amazing woman. (That's me over there sitting on my Mama's lap with my brother's and sister)

I can't complain though because I have a step-mom, who, although we didnt' really see eye to eye when I was growing up, was the mom I was dealt and believe she did a pretty good job of teaching me the things I needed to learn and I have her to thank for many things.

I also have some 'stand in' moms,....

There's my sister, Marsha, my sister-in-laws, Cheryl and Jeanie, my friend, Gwen, and my Aunt Ruby, Aunt Doris and Aunt Peg. And then there were my friends mom's, who I called Mom just like they did.

Sadly, some of these women have passed as well, but I still think of them and remember them with gratitude tomorrow,...Mother's Day.

So, for all the Mom's who have, or had, children of their own and for all the "Moms" who've been there when you needed a shoulder, when you needed a good talking too, or when you just needed a Mom's point of view - Thank You!

Happy Mother's Day!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Great Mama's!!