Another Day in Roswell!!

Up early, getting donuts and coffee for the folks at Express auto garage in Roswell so they can get the RV fixed (again) so we can get on down the road to visit family and friends!

We've changed our RV route and have decided, due to our multiple day delay here in Roswell, that we'll just bypass Texas and LA and head straight for Fawn and Tony's in Arkansas.  They own a farm - FawnsBerry Farm - and have peaches, blackberries, rasberries, small horses, and lots of land to roam on! We're hoping to enjoy some good times with them, eat some blackberry pie and let Logan mow the yard and possibly disk the field for them!!

Since our travels haven't allowed me to have internet access to the extent that I wanted, I am going to have our next few entries of just the "fun" things we enjoyed - like our fun time caving in Arkanas w/family, picking berries, riding tractors, caving in Arkansas, hanging out with Mike's sis and bro-in-law in Wichita and all those great things!

I will try to humorously post our little 'adventures' along the way - as we have had to have another new fuel pump put into the RV,....this one while we traveled in NE,......the one they put in in Roswell just wasn't doing the job!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and all things working - finally!!
Woo Hoo!!

Travel Observation: When you pull up in an RV that's approx. 23 years old, be ready for funny looks. I think people think we're poor or something,...or maybe this is our home! LOL!!  It's a hoot! 

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