Fixing the RV in Roswell

It's Monday morning (the 19th) and we're up bright and early to get the RV into Express Auto in Roswell to get her fixed so we can continue down the road on our fantastic summer adventure.

I follow Mike and Logan into the auto garage and meet all the nice folks at Express auto,...Cort, Jody and the whole crew are super friendly and ready to help (they've already heard about us from their friends Freddy the tow truck drive and Stever the cab driver).

We leave the RV in the good hands of our new friends and Mike drops Logan and I off in downtown Roswell for some Alien watching and great shopping so he can go back to the RV park and get some work done in their club house.

Logan and I instantly spot the footprints along the sidewalk and follow them to some great little places and find some wonderful treasures, like "family vacation" playing cards which feature a family of three aliens - the mother is wearing pearls, of course - complete with broken down spaceship in the back ground!  We also find Mike a cute T shirt with the logo "Ship Happens" with three aliens crashing their spacecraft into a tree in Roswell - how appropriate for our extended "Pit Stop" in Roswell!

Around 4:00p.m. Mike tells us the RV is done and we can take her back home (to the RV Park) and head out first thing in the morning for the beaches of Texas! Woo Hoo.

We gather Coco bird - who's been hanging out in the lobby at the auto garage - and thank the good folks at Express Auto Care and jump in the RV (with me following in the rental car) and head on out to the RV park.

We get about a mile down the road and then Mike and Logan pull over into the city municipal building and I follow, wondering why they feel the need to stop there - and then I realize the awful truth,.....the RV has decided to quit running AGAIN!

I head back to the auto shop, grab one of the guys and get them to follow me down the road to where Mike and Logan are.  After over an hour or so, they get the RV back to the Auto Garage and tell us they're going to completely redo the fuel pump (tomorrow) that they just put in today and they're so sorry for all the inconvenience.   My question - where are we staying tonight? I've already checked out the hotels and the good ones are full (in Roswell??) and the bad ones are filling up fast and I'm thinking I want to just stay in my RV back at the park - but they can't get it there.  So, they offer to let us stay the night inside their lot,...yep, inside their lot,....complete with many autos and Cujo,....I mean Jager (J├Ągermeister),.......the doberman w/the spiked collar on! (He's really a sweetie!)

So, we stop by the store in the rental car to pick up doggie treats and head back for a fun night of luxury in the back lot of the auto garage - very private, exclusive place, by the way!

As we fight to keep the mosquitos and potato bugs out of the RV, we settle in with the doggie watching over his new chew toy and us,......wondering what new adventures tomorrow will hold!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and still broken down in Roswell!!

Travel Tip #3: Always follow the RV,...don't pass it in traffic, since you may not see it turn around in your rear view mirror as quickly as you would hope!

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