Confessions of a Slacker Bead Chic on BTW

I've got a bunch of goodies that have been on my bead table for well,....a couple of months now.

Ceramic Goodies from Chelle V.2 on Etsy

Ceramic Pendant from White Clover Kiln on Etsy

Ship Pendant from Miss Fickle Media on Etsy

Lovely Copper Flowers from Kristi Bowman in Etsy

Ceramin LOVE Bead from Havana Beads on Etsy

They're sitting there,...staring at me,...and the conversation between us goes something like this almost daily:

Gorgeous Findings: "Do something with us,...Please!"

Slacker Bead Chic: I'll get to you, be patient."

Gorgeous Findings: "Yeah, right! When?"

Slacker Bead Chic: "Ummmm,.....I'm not sure. Possibly after the Holiday Shop Hop?"

Gorgeous Findings (now totally insulted!): "What?! AFTER the Holiday Shop Hop -  Are you NUTS?!  We SOOOOO deserve to be created into something beatiful waaaay before the shop hop!  The objective here is for people to see us when they shop right, stupid?"

Slacker Bead Chic: "Well, yes,...but time isn't one of my luxuries right now - there's tons of other things going on. And besides, you're not on my "list" today. Sorry." 

Gorgeous Findings: "Seriously?!  Well collecting dust wasn't on our list either or even remotely in our descriptions you read when you purchased us, but alas, we sit!" 

Slacker Bead Chic: (as she walks away from bead table to shower and go to a network luncheon instead of playing with her gorgeous findings and creating beautiful things)  "Sigh,...painful, painful, Sigh!"

Gorgeous Findings: "Slacker!"

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and well,....time for gorgeous findings, fun beads and awesome jewelry making!

Slacker Bead Chic's Desk - void of beads and fun things today!

So, What's on your bead table today?  Go check out all the cool things other people are so luckily creating today!!  (Sigh!) 

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  1. I TOTALLY feel your pain. I've got a few items begging for attention too, butI can't seem to find the time or inspiration to work with them either.
    The reasoning your gorgeous findings argued is quite valid though. They've got me re-evaluating what's going on on my desk today....hmmmmm.


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