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BTW - Before and After

I cannot stand clutter. Loathe it.

 But for some strange reason - planetary alignment, Zombie Apocalypse, Mayan Calender/Word Ending kind of thing, the Holidays, you name it - my creative space was a wreck.
I was super-ready to have my office/studio cleaned up and better organized!
So, between Thanksgiving and Christmas break I started slowly (r.e.a.l.l.y. slowly) reorganizing a few things.


Little by little things got moved and re-arranged.

Doming Block, Letter Stamps, Extra Easy Knotter for My Students, etc.
I started with my clothes,...moving them from the dresser into the master bath and closet area and filled the drawers with my hammers, bench blocks and other goodies! 

Gold, Silver, Brass, Copper, Steal and Craft Wires,
along with some Soft Flex and other stringing materials.

 I used to have a room all to myself as an office, but in
this house, my office/studio is in our master bedroom. I could consider it a draw back, but looking on the bright side, I have a killer view of our backyard and the lake and I can open the sliding glass doors and create right on my patio with out having to move hardly any supplies! (heaven!)

I must admit - I have the best views in the house!

Anyway, things became crystal clear (in my head) as to how everything else should be arranged and organized and so after the tree and all the holiday decorations had come down I kicked it into high gear and got to rockin' and a rollin'. 


OMG - What was I thinking to let it get this out of hand?!

Much better than before!  And there's room for more!


I finished up late Monday night, with a few more little odds and ends done yesterday,...just because I changed my mind! (imagine that!)

Holy Cow Smokes - Looks like the paper monster threw up in here!
(And some other monsters, too!)
Organized packing supplies and a few left over fibers in baskets,...much better!

The before shots were taken between late 2011 and December of 2012 and the after shots (I'm pretty sure you can figure out which is which w/out me telling you!!) were taken Monday.


Not too bad,..but I have a large antique sewing box and tons of baskets for my ribbons/ fibers
so why waste this gorgeous space?!!
Love how this chest looks now!
Mixed media supplies, Vintaj Big Kick, Cuttlebug, Patinas, gilder's paste, paints, sealants.
Oh, and some Ice Resin that's not opened,....wonder when I'll get the guts to try that again?!

Organized, convenient, pretty much 'clutter-free' and it makes sense,....things are where I would reach for them or they're with their similar counter-parts, etc.
(yep,....I'm a bit anal!).

Clutter Capital! And what's w/all the empty boxes under my desk?
Must have been close to the holidays and I needed them for shipping?
Who knows! ;-)

It's still the hub,...I have to work and also create here, so it's 'busier' than I'd like,
But it's nice to have the boxes removed and my Knotty Do It All close at hand!

The one thing I didn't clean or de-clutter was my bookcase. However, the bookcase WILL be tackled this weekend for sure as it's the only thing distracting me from being ready for everything that 2013 is going to be lovingly tossing my way!! 
(Attitude is Everything!)
So, what's 2013 bringing for you? 
Are you working on special goals, starting new projects and hitting the ground running or are you taking it easy, sitting back and savoring each moment? 
I hope you're enjoying all of the above!
Until Nex Time,
Peace, Love and Ahhhh,...


**Linking up with Bead Table Wednesday (BTW) over on Flickr Today**


Today's Color is Purple!

I've got purple on my bead table today - lots and lots of purple.

Amethyst, dyed jasper, Swarovski's in lots of pretty shades of violets and purples, dyed quartz and more,....all various shades and hues.

No, it's not for the One Crayon Color Challenge that's taking place on Saturday, May 5th
(Which I can hardly wait for!!).

It's for a client.  I hope she likes it.

What's on your bead table today?

Hop on over and check out the Flickr group and see what everyone else has got cookin' today,....

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Purple!


I just finished one of my "Shel's Ribbons" in pink for a client and I'm working on a ton of ear wires for clients and a bunch of other things today, too.

What's on your Bead Table Today?

over on Flickr and see what's happening!

Shel's Ribbon - MiShel Designs

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Busy Wednesdays!

BTW - Bead Table Wednesday

Okay - I've been slacking off with the blog posts since returning from vacation, but I wanted to get back in the swing of things here and show you what's on my table today for Bead Table Wednesday.

I got these gorgeous beads in the mail today from Jeannie for the Echo Creative Club Design Team Reveal that's happening again on the 25th of next month - pretty huh?

I have no idea what I'm going to create with them, but it's going to be fun!

13mm Peeled Pain Variegated Copper Leaf
Beads by Jeannie from Jewelry By Jeannie

Don't forget to set the alarm and get back over here on Wednesday, April 25th and see what the other team members have created, too!

And, well, here's the bead table today ~ All kinds of little goodies on the bench.

Shelly's pile of goodies on her bead table today!
(Click on any picture to enlarge it)
There's the way cool pendant that I received from Diana over at Suburban Girl Studio for the 2012 Spring Design Team. (De-Lish!)

Come back on Sunday, April 1st - yes, this Sunday - and you'll get to see what I created with it!!

And, I've got a few other little goodies on the table, too - like one of my "Shel's Ribbons" for a client who wants me to put a pink Swarovski Crystal dangle off one end and tie a pink ribbon to it because she's a breast cancer survivor (yeah!!) and some nice Irish Waxed Linen from White Clover Kiln over on Etsy,...and some seed beads and other things,....

So, what's on your bead table today,...or your work table, your 'to-do' table,....whatcha up to??

Hop on over to Flickr and see what everyone else has on their Bead Table today won't you?

Until Tomorrow,....yes, tomorrow,.....(It's my birthday!)

Peace, Love and Fun at the Bead Table!!


BTW and a Discount Coupon For You!

I'm still playing around with some of these today, re-stringing (finally) some jewelry for a friend and contemplating a few other things.

Vintaj embossed blanks that I've been playing around with

What's on YOUR Bead Table Today? 

I'm putting a few new pieces up in the
MiShel Designs Etsy Store later this week. 

Mystery Earrings that could possibly show up in my store this week!

Use coupon code "Valentine25" in the MiShel Designs Etsy Store upon check out and get 25% off your order! 

Faceted Amethyst Nugget Earrings

This coupon code is just for my blog friends and my facebook/twitter followers - it's not posted in my shop - so enjoy it while you can!

Leather and Hematite Wrap Bracelet available in the
MiShel Designs Etsy Store

On another note, I must not have rubbed my rabbit's foot the right way, cause I didn't get selected by the random number picker that Lori Anderson did for this round of the Bead Soup Blog Party

Congrats to all those who did get selected - you're going to have a blast!

Plus, it's still going to be super fun hopping around all over the internet on March 3rd  and drooling over what all the particpants created. 

It will be like "Disneyland on steriods" for all us bead lovers!

Everyone have a great "Hump Day" as you coast on into the weekend, okay?

Barbie's still hanging out on my Bead Table!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Random Stuff!

Linking up with Bead Table Wednesday today
over on Flickr!

BTW And Other Things,...

So, today for BTW (Bead Table Wednesday)

these were on my bench,
along with some other things.

Oh, what to do with these,...what to do,....

My thoughts included.

And these 'huge-ass' crystals that have been sitting in my drawer for almost a year screaming at me for attention are now on my bead table, too!

Not quite sure what I'm doing with these yet, either!

Barbie stopped in to sit a spell on my bench again, too!

She thinks if she stops by often enough I'll make her another necklace,...or a cool little leather belt like she's been asking for!

I've been busy setting my goals for 2012 this week and have been organizing, planning new directions, setting up a course of action and contemplating everything from
business plans and personal goals to fine tuning my
body, mind and soul! 

You name it, it's been buzzing around in my head!

Getting in touch with ME is a biggie this year.  You might see more of the 'real me' than you want to and in the comments box you may have to write "TMI, Shel,...TMI!"
But let's hope not! 

You're lucky I can't take a picture of the inside of my head or it would be here for you to see,... all that jumbled up do-da in my head on these pages.
Yep,...I'm pretty sure I'd loose a few followers on that one!


Vintaj brass blanks that I embossed.
(See the owl? Owl's are one of my totems and I usually don't use them in my designs or even show them - I just hoard them!)

Not sure what I'm doing with these Vintaj Brass Blanks I embossed. Should I create something with them or put them in my Jewelry Supplies shop for other people to create really cool things with them?
Any thoughts?

I'm trying to find the flip camera (I think it's in the RV that's out in storage a Ba-Zillion miles away!) to see if I can do those tutorial videos on the earring wires like people have asked for, so that's going a bit slow at the moment!

Photo from one on my bracelet tutorials from about 4 years ago or so!

I am participating in a pretty cool little endeavor this year - The Echo Creative Club over on Jeannie's Blog

Echo Creative Club - Jeannie's Blog

I'm only doing about 6 or 7 of the months because that's all I could commit to at this time, but I'm really looking forward to it and my first post will be this month on the 25th, so stop back by and see what's going on with that won't you?

So, what's cooking inside your head and studio this year?  Anything cool? How's your creative juices?  Are they flowing like crazy with the start of the New Year? 

I hope that 2012 has started off to be a great year for you and that it continues full spead ahead so all your hopes, dreams and aspirations come to fruition!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Contemplation!

BTW - Bead Table Wednesday!

Okay - so I'm not real good at silence,or inactivity, so here's what's on my bead table today. 

Odds and Ends - Making Last Minute Gifts for the Holidays Today!!

Which, I might say, is actually pretty full right now as I'm trying to get gifts finished and ready for Christmas!!

Lampwork Glass Beads - Firebabies on Etsy
Vintaj Artisan Copper and Bead Caps
Someone Special's Getting This for Christmas!

And I finished these - they're for me to wear on Christmas! (Lucky ME!)

Hope you're all having a wonderful week and that you're creating something wonderful, whether it be jewelry, cookies for the holidays or lovely memories with your family!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Creating Fun Things!!



Hey, BTW,'s Bead Table Wednesday today!

Hop on over to the Flickr Group and
see what's cooking today, won't you?

My unfinished work this Wednesday!

I've got a link list on my bead table and I'm emailing people with it today and I've got a bunch of unfinished jewelry designs waiting patiently for me to finish, photograph and get into my shop for this weekend's Holiday Shop Hop.

What's on your Bead Table Today??

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and BTW!!

Confessions of a Slacker Bead Chic on BTW

I've got a bunch of goodies that have been on my bead table for well,....a couple of months now.

Ceramic Goodies from Chelle V.2 on Etsy

Ceramic Pendant from White Clover Kiln on Etsy

Ship Pendant from Miss Fickle Media on Etsy

Lovely Copper Flowers from Kristi Bowman in Etsy

Ceramin LOVE Bead from Havana Beads on Etsy

They're sitting there,...staring at me,...and the conversation between us goes something like this almost daily:

Gorgeous Findings: "Do something with us,...Please!"

Slacker Bead Chic: I'll get to you, be patient."

Gorgeous Findings: "Yeah, right! When?"

Slacker Bead Chic: "Ummmm,.....I'm not sure. Possibly after the Holiday Shop Hop?"

Gorgeous Findings (now totally insulted!): "What?! AFTER the Holiday Shop Hop -  Are you NUTS?!  We SOOOOO deserve to be created into something beatiful waaaay before the shop hop!  The objective here is for people to see us when they shop right, stupid?"

Slacker Bead Chic: "Well, yes,...but time isn't one of my luxuries right now - there's tons of other things going on. And besides, you're not on my "list" today. Sorry." 

Gorgeous Findings: "Seriously?!  Well collecting dust wasn't on our list either or even remotely in our descriptions you read when you purchased us, but alas, we sit!" 

Slacker Bead Chic: (as she walks away from bead table to shower and go to a network luncheon instead of playing with her gorgeous findings and creating beautiful things)  "Sigh,...painful, painful, Sigh!"

Gorgeous Findings: "Slacker!"

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and well,....time for gorgeous findings, fun beads and awesome jewelry making!

Slacker Bead Chic's Desk - void of beads and fun things today!

So, What's on your bead table today?  Go check out all the cool things other people are so luckily creating today!!  (Sigh!)