Happy Veteran's Day

In leiu of my usual "Friday's Fab Fav's" today, I'd like to take the time to thank the Veteran's who have afforded me the freedoms I've grown accustomed to.

My Grandfather fought in WWI.
My dad fought in WWII. He was present on D-Day +1, Normandy and many other battles in Europe.

I have several Uncles who have served as well.

My brother's served during Vietnam; one on a naval ship, the other in Thailand. My step-brother was a Marine.

My husband was in the Air Force.

I have a nephew who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan and is surely to be deployed again in the future. I have several cousins, various family members and friends who have served in all branches of the Armed Forces.

I have lost relatives in this "War on Terror".
I have had friends lose loved ones as well and I have a son who wants to be a Marine the minute he graduates high school.

With out you, and those before you, I would not be sitting here, enjoying the lifestyle I have right now. 

I know your jobs are not easy. There have been hard choices to make and live with, there were times when what you had to do went complete against every grain in your soul, yet still,...you did what you had to.

And because of you, I sit here, typing this, having a "day off".

You have my undying gratitude! 

From The Bottom of My Heart - THANK YOU!

Thank you is not near enough, nor could it ever completely convey my feelings of gratitude, but it's what can be said, here, in words.

Happy Veteran's Day!


  1. what a powerful post!

    wonderful photos!
    happy veteran's day!

  2. Thanks so much girls - it came from the heart! :)

  3. What a wonderful post and tribute to those who have served our country. ~Val


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